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Find other people

Search the directory

Use the Directory to search for anyone:

  1. Go to the Directory in the navigation bar. This might have a custom name like Attendee List.

  2. Search for someone by typing their name. Or filter people by interest tags.

  3. Click on someone. A pop-up window opens with their profile preview.

The Directory page with a list of attendees, and a pop-up window to schedule a chat with someone.

Click a profile photo anywhere on the site

Or spontaneously meet people around the site. Wherever you see someone’s photo, click it to open their profile preview.

Save a contact

At the top of someone’s profile preview, select Save Contact. Then later, you can find them in the Directory under the My Contacts tab.

See recommended contacts

In the Directory, select the Recommendations tab to see people who might have similar interests.

Contact people

You can Send a message or Schedule a meeting as long as that person allows people to contact them.

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