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My education credit dashboard

This article is about the new JUNO learning management system (LMS). If you don’t see these features on your site, your platform still uses the legacy JUNO education credits.

This is a step-by-step guide on navigating the Education Credits (EC) dashboard. The dashboard is your hub for tracking and pursuing various credits you can achieve. Organized into four distinct tabs—Available, In Progress, Ready to Claim, and Claim—the EC dashboard empowers you to locate and manage your educational accomplishments.

Opening your EC dashboard

Select your profile image in the top-right corner of the navigation bar. Then select Education Credits. This opens your personal EC dashboard, where you can find the following information about your education credits.

Opening the EC dashboard.

All education credit tabs

All credit dashboard tabs will show your Credit Hours Claimed at the top.

Viewing the credit claimed hours.

Available credits

The education credits that are available to you will be displayed under the Available tab. You can either browse the list of accessible education credits or utilize the search bar to find a specific one.

Viewing content on the available tab.

  1. Selecting the Start Now button next to the credit’s title will take you directly to the attached content or show you the credit details if there is more than one attached piece of content.

  2. Alternatively, you can also select the Details link on any credit to preview the attached content before starting any attached content.

  3. View the name of the credit(s) and how many credits it is worth.

The Details window will also provide you with the attached content information, the credits available, and allow you to Start any content attached to the credit.

Viewing the details of an education credit.

In progress credits

The In Progress tab will only show you credits that are associated with multiple pieces of content you have started, but have not completed yet.

Select the In Progress tab to see the credits you are working on.

Viewing content on the in-progress tab.

  1. Select the Continue button next to any credit you are working through to view what content is still outstanding.

  2. You can also select the Details button to view these options and select the Start button next to any content needed to continue earning the credit(s).

Credits ready to claim

The Ready to Claim tab shows credits you have completed but have not yet claimed, and each credit should have a Claim button next to the credit’s title.

Viewing content on the ready-to-claim tab.

  1. Select the Claim button to claim the credit(s), and a claim credits window will appear to confirm your choice to claim the credit(s).

  2. Alternatively, you can select the Details link to claim the credit.

  1. If the claimable date for a course is in the future, the Claim button will be greyed out and disabled until the claimable date arrives.

If any credit requires you to make a purchase, you will be walked through the ability to purchase the content upon attempting to claim it. Learn more about purchasing CE.

Claimed credits

The Claimed tab displays the credits you have previously claimed.

Viewing content on the claimed tab.

Each credit will display the date you completed the course, the credits you claimed, and any certificates you can download.

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