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Required and granted prerequisites

Understanding prerequisites

Prerequisites are specific requirements or conditions that you must meet before you are allowed to enroll in and take that course. These prerequisites are in place to ensure that you have the necessary background knowledge, skills, or qualifications to engage with the course material successfully.

Locating prerequisites

On the course homepage, locate the Prerequisites Required section for essential information on the necessary qualifications before accessing course content.

Viewing the prerequisites required for a course.

Prerequisite details

Course prerequisites are displayed in a bullet-point list. Equivalents are grouped together, providing you with clear options for gaining access to the course.

Handling unmet prerequisites

The Start Course button remains inactive if a course requires prerequisites that you have not met. The details for the required prerequisites are listed in the Prerequisite Required section above the course description and below the start course button.

Once you attempt to start the course, a pop-up window will appear, reminding you of the outstanding prerequisites and informing you that you haven't completed the necessary prerequisites yet. The message encourages you to enroll in the relevant courses first and return once you've fulfilled these requirements.

Viewing the Prerequisites required window.

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