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Share your screen

(lightbulb) Before you begin

You can share your screen in a session as long as you have permission. If you don’t see the screen share icon, you don’t have permission.

Note that screen sharing is not supported on mobile browsers (both tablets and phones).

Share your screen

When sharing, you will only see Publishing Your Desktop. Everyone else will see what you are sharing.

  1. Open your presentation and your JUNO session in two different windows.

  2. Resize the windows so you can see both the JUNO session and your presentation.

  3. Select Screen Share in the lower-left corner of the session.

  4. Select the appropriate tab along the top: Application Window or Chrome Tab.

    1. If you are sharing a video with audio, you must select a Chrome tab and check the Share audio box in the lower-left corner of the dialog.

  5. Select the window or tab with your presentation.

  6. Select Share.

It looks like this when it is on:

End screen share

Select Screen Share again to stop desktop/screen sharing.

It looks like this when it is off:

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