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Use the schedule

(lightbulb) Before you begin

The Schedule may have a different name on your site, such as Agenda or Program.

Check when a session starts

The status of the session is to the right of the session title:

  • Upcoming: If there is a countdown clock, the session has not started yet. The timer indicates the time until the session goes live.

  • Live: The session is in progress.

  • Past: The session is over.

Add sessions to your schedule

  1. Go to the Schedule in the navigation bar.

  2. Use the Search bar, Filter button, or tabs to narrow down the sessions listed.

  3. Scroll through the list to find a session you want to attend.

  4. Select Attend to add the session to your schedule.

Selecting the Attend button

View your schedule (My Schedule)

Some sites have a filter just for sessions you’ve added to your personal schedule.

  1. Go to the Schedule in the navigation bar.

  2. Select My Schedule.

  3. Use the Search bar, Filter button, or tabs to narrow down the sessions listed.

Selecting your schedule

Add a session to your external calendar

  1. Select add to calendar from the left-hand side of the session name.

  2. Select what type of calendar you wish to use.

  3. Verify the Date and Time are correct and select save.

Selecting the Add to Calendar button

Removing a session from your schedule (My Schedule)

  1. From your schedule (My Schedule), select the Attending button next to the session you wish to remove from your schedule.

  2. Select My Schedule again to refresh your view.

Selecting the attending button

Export your personal PDF schedule

Some sites allow you to export a PDF of sessions you have added to your schedule.

  1. Select the My Schedule tab at the top of the schedule page.

    1. Or if you only want to export sessions from specific dates or categories, you can choose any tab or filter. When you export the PDF, it only includes sessions that are part of that filter and are in your schedule.

  2. Select Download My Sessions in the top-right corner of the schedule.

    Exporting the schedule

  3. If the file is large enough, it doesn’t download immediately. You get a push notification when it finishes downloading. When you get the notification:

    1. Select your profile icon in the top-right corner of the navigation bar.

    2. Select Notifications.

    3. Select the notification that says Click here to download your sessions as a PDF. The link expires in one hour, so download it right when you see it. When it expires, you must start over at step 1.

    4. Usually, the PDF saves to a folder on your computer called Downloads.

A notification that the PDF schedule is ready.

Enter a session from the schedule

From the schedule, select any session to enter it. If it’s Live, you will join the video room. If it’s Upcoming or Past, you will see an information page.

Select a session to open it

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