What to know

In this meeting, we will share examples of other sites, walk through modules options and specs, talk about your branding, and get a general idea of user flow and experience.

We encourage marketing and designers to be on this call.

Homework (Prepare before the meeting)

Client team

JUNO team

(star) Watch site layout video
(star) Determine initial site navigation
(star) Document ideal flow for users once they log in
(star) Refer to Basecamp to see image specifications and sample sites

What to do during the meeting

Client team

JUNO team

(tick) Discuss the desired user experience (step by step, what people see and do) and site navigation

(tick) Create wireframes, documents, or write-ups about the content that should be seen on each page

(tick) Help client visualize event flow with recommendations and demos of other sites


Overview of JUNO site design and layout