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Access passes

Access passes in Das admin allow you to control user access to specific courses, content, or site features based on their purchase or membership status. This step-by-step guide will walk you through setting up access passes and managing them in Le admin and Das admin.

Creating access level tags in Le admin and syncing them as access passes in Das admin

Das admin does not synchronize changes back to Le admin.
While Das admin provides tools for managing access passes, Le admin remains the authoritative source of information. Therefore, it is advised to create, edit, or update these tag types in Le admin and then manually syn the changes to Das admin to ensure they match.

  1. In Le admin, create an Access Level Tag in the Tags section by navigating to the Tags section within Le admin and selecting Add Item on the left-hand side.

  2. Fill out the Name.

  3. Fill out the Type by using the dropdown and selecting Access Level.

  4. Select the Geen Save button to finish creating your access pass in Le admin.

    • These tags represent the access levels you want to sync as Access Passes in Das admin. Ensure you set the appropriate name and type for each Access Level Tag.

    • Any modifications made to the Access Level Tag name in Le admin should result in the corresponding Access Pass name in Das Amin being modified accordingly.

Adding an Access Level tag in Le admin.

Manual sync or tag load routine

The sync process should be triggered manually or as part of a tag load routine.

  1. Sync the tags using the Sync Tag button within Das admin - detailed in the image below.

  2. When the sync is initiated, the Access Level Tags from Le admin should be synced to Das admin as Access Passes.

Syncing your access level tags to Das admin.

Bulk importing members or member updates with access level tags

Before importing multiple members or updating existing ones with access-level tags, ensure the required tags have been created in Le admin and synced to Das admin.

  1. Use the importer tool in Le admin to import members or member updates, ensuring each member is assigned the appropriate access level tag.

  2. Manually sync the data from Le admin to Das admin to initiate the bulk import or update.

  3. Once synced, all members with their corresponding access level tags will be accurately reflected within the access pass section in Das admin.

Creating Access Passes in Das admin

  1. Navigate to the Access Pass page in Das admin.

  2. Select + Create New Access Pass near the page's top.

  3. Enter a name for the Access Pass in the Access Pass Name field.

  4. Optionally, add a URL in the Upgrade URL field. This URL can provide additional information or lead to a third-party purchaser like PayPal.

Notes on the Upgrade URL field.

  • Add a URL or Leave this blank to connect to a product.

  • A URL can be used to navigate your customers to a different page giving them additional information on how to access the content.

  • It can also be used to navigate them to a third-party purchaser such as Paypal to make a purchase.

  • You can also leave it blank and connect it to a product in Das admin, linking any purchases to your linked stripe account. Learn more about setting up products and linking access passes.

Creating an Access Pass In Das admin

  1. Select CREATE ACCESS PASS to complete the initial setup for the Access Pass.

Editing Access Pass details

  1. After creating the Access Pass in Das admin, locate it in the Access Pass list and select it to enter more details.

  2. You can change or update the name and URL fields if needed.

Ensure you select the Save button that will populate in the right-hand corner once any changes have been made to save them.

The save or discard buttons.

Granting Access Passes to users

  1. To grant access to the attached content for the Access Pass, use the drop-down under Users with this Access Pass labeled Grant Access Pass to Users.

  2. Search for or scroll through the list of users and select the ones you want to grant the access pass to.

  3. You can also remove users from the Access Pass using the X buttons next to each email.

Granting users access to an access pass.

Granting users the access pass would be akin to grandfathering them in - they would not have to purchase the content if attached to a product or navigate to a URL if one is attached.

Usage notes and limitations

  1. Changing tag types on Access Level tags in Le admin is not supported and will clone objects in Das admin.

  2. Only the tag name is synced to Das admin; changes to image, score, color, and multiplier are not synced.

  3. If Access Level Tags are deleted in Le admin, they will not affect Access Passes in Das admin.

  4. Any changes made in Das admin will not sync back to Le admin.

Following this walkthrough and adhering to the specified acceptance criteria and usage notes, the admin can create and sync Access Level Tags from Le admin to Access Passes in Das admin, keeping them separate from other tags in Das admin.

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