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Best practices to maximize exhibitor and sponsor features

Looking for ways to provide value to your exhibitors and sponsors in the virtual world?

JUNO provides extensive features to promote different tiered sponsors and exhibitors throughout your event without hindering the attendee experience. Below are some of the best ways we’ve found how our clients have used JUNO functionality to help justify the money that is being spent by their sponsors. 

Talk Now Button 

When your exhibitors set up their booths, reps of the companies are required to set up their available time for attendees to schedule meetings with them. If your reps are not in any current meetings, a “Talk Now” button will appear under their name where attendees can call them directly and be driven straight to a breakout room.


We strongly believe in the value of gamification for your conference. As an attendee, you may earn points for different actions throughout the platform. One of our most common actions is answering polls and questions on a page. The more polls and questions you allow an exhibitor to have on a page, the more opportunities there are for the attendee to earn points. If you keep the number of question options high (we recommend up to 5 per booth), point value high, and attractive prize for the top of the leaderboard, you will drive plenty of traffic to each booth.

Multiplier Tags 

Using our multiplier tags is a great way to provide different levels of value for sponsors/ exhibitors who are paying for different packages. You can create different multiplier tags based on those packages (ex. 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x). If an exhibitor booth, sponsored session, or sponsored on-demand content has one of these tags, all of the actions that can be performed on these pieces of content will be worth X times more points. Higher multipliers mean higher incentives for attendee engagement. 

Tiered Logos 

In your exhibitor showcase page where attendees can view all of your exhibitors on one page, JUNO has the ability to tier the logos in a tree format so the larger, more prominent exhibitors are on the top of the page.

JUNO recommends grouping your exhibitors and sponsors under a tagged structure for multiple reasons. If you choose to use our search module, you may place all of the exhibitors below and have them be sorted by pre-determined filters.

Before applying filters

After applying filters

Recommended Exhibitors 

When your attendees create their accounts, JUNO recommends asking them questions with regard to exhibitors, such as, “What skills are you trying to gain from attending this event?” Based on what the attendees select, we can now create a recommended module engine that can serve up exhibitors for the attendee for a more personalized experience and more qualified lead for the exhibitor.


By asking attendees specific onboarding questions related to exhibitors, JUNO’s notification engine has the ability to segment notifications for a more personalized experience. Segmented notifications mean more qualified leads for exhibitors. If the onboarding question was, “What type of services are you interested in learning more about?”, and attendees selected “Medical Equipment”, we can now send all of those users a directed notification that will bring them to an exhibitor who is also tagged as a Medical Equipment. 

Exhibitor/Sponsor Sessions 

JUNO recommends sprinkling in sessions throughout your event where higher-tiered exhibitors and sponsors are given their own dedicated session to speak about their product or service. You may use the multiplier tags and notifications to help drive more traffic. Once the session is over, you can save the leads of who attended the session and what they shared in the chat/Q&A/Polls to provide more value for the exhibitor.

Sponsor Logo Placement 

JUNO provides extensive options to display exhibitor logos and banners throughout the platform. You have the choice to place them in between modules and at the bottom of sponsored sessions, courses, and on-demand content.

Exhibitors do their own giveaways 

On exhibitor suite page, JUNO is able to track action items that are performed by each attendee that visits the booth. Should an exhibitor want to give a prize away for more attendee engagement, they can prompt the attendee to perform an action such as, click/watch a video, answer a poll/question, or download a booklet PDF, to put their name in a drawing for a physical or downloadable prize. 

Exhibitor Edit Tools 

In JUNO’s front-end exhibitor suite tools, exhibitors and sponsors can change the look and feel of their booths whenever they want. To keep the space fresh, focused, and visually appealing, the exhibitor may decide to swap rotators, change background images, add/delete questions, and more to give the attendees a new feel over the course of a multi-day event. 


Everyone loves big data, and JUNO does not shy away from user engagement analytics on each sponsorship suite page. As an exhibitor you will have access to a ton of data should the attendee opt-in, which will give you the leads they need to close the deal on their services. As an exhibitor you will be able to see: 

  • Who visited the page 

  • Who clicked what 

  • Who watched which videos 

  • Who answered which poll/question and their response 

  • Who downloaded which resource

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