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Differences between the feed and forum

JUNO offers two distinct interaction and content-sharing features: Feed and Discussions (Forum). Understanding the differences between these two functions can help you engage more effectively within the platform.


  • Purpose: The Feed is designed for real-time updates and short-form content.

  • Content: Users share brief posts, images, and quick updates.

  • Interaction: Content in the Feed is meant for immediate reactions, such as likes, comments, and shares.

  • Visibility: Posts appear chronologically, with the most recent content at the top.

  • Use Case: Ideal for sharing timely news, updates, and quick thoughts.


  • Purpose: The Forum is intended for in-depth discussions and long-form content.

  • Content: Users create detailed posts, ask questions, and initiate discussions.

  • Interaction: Encourages thoughtful replies, extended discussions, and ongoing conversations.

  • Visibility: Topics and posts are organized by categories and threads, making it easier to find specific discussions.

  • Use Case: Perfect for seeking advice, sharing detailed information, and engaging in sustained conversations.


  • Feed: Real-time updates, short posts, immediate interactions.

  • Forum: In-depth discussions, long posts, extended conversations.

By choosing the appropriate function, users can ensure their content is shared and engaged with in the most effective way.

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