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Group and Global Announcements

Announcements are a powerful tool for admins to highlight important updates both organizationally and within groups. This guide will walk you through how to use and manage announcements effectively.

Who can manage announcements?

Group Announcements: Group Admins and Site Admins.

Global Announcements: Site admins only. Learn more about Global Announcements.


  • Visibility: Announcements ensure critical information is easily accessible to everyone, whether essential group information or organizational updates for all users on your site.

  • Organization: You can feature multiple announcements simultaneously in any announcement section.

  • Engagement: Users can interact with announcement posts by liking, sharing, commenting, and replying.


  • You cannot designate discussion topics as announcements. You can only designate posts within discussion topics or feed posts as announcements.

  • Announcements are defaulted to sort by the post's creation date, from oldest to newest.

  • Only site admins can designate global announcements.

Global announcements

Global announcements are an excellent way to highlight your organization's latest updates and happenings. The announcements module in Pagebuilder allows you to feature global announcements on any page. Global announcements can link back to both the Global Discussions and Global Feeds.

Where to find Global Announcements

Depending on how you set them up, global announcements may be labeled Announcements or Updates and can be featured on any page throughout your site. Learn more about the Announcements module.

User engagement

Users can select an announcement post from the Global Announcements module. Depending on your module settings, this will route them back to the original post within the Global Discussion Board or the Global Feed. Once there, they can like, share, comment on, or reply to the original post.

Group announcements

Group announcements are designed to quickly disseminate critical information for that group, such as a newly scheduled meeting or a featured poll question.

Where to find Group Announcements

Group announcements are on the About page, directly below the Description.

Member interaction

Once an announcement is designated, users can select the announcement and be routed directly to the original post in either the group's feed or discussions.

Managing announcements

Designating an Announcement

  1. Navigate to any post within a discussion or feed.

  2. Select the Three-Dot More menu on the left-hand side of the post.

  3. Select Make Announcement.

Remove an Announcement

  1. Select the announcement you want to remove from the announcement section.

  2. Once routed back to the original post, select the Three-Dot More menu on the left-hand side of the post.

  3. Select Remove Announcement.

These steps can be followed within any group to designate or remove group announcements and within both the global feed and discussion boards for global announcements.

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