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Help Chat (Smartloop) configuration options

The JUNO team can help you configure elements of your Smartloop Help Chat. Tell your JUNO team representative about any configurations you’d like.

An example Help Chat conversation. See the table below for details.

The Help Chat has a few basic elements that you can customize:





(info) Change icon color on the welcome page



(info) Change the help chat avatar. We recommend your logo or a branded character. (See specifications)



(info) Provide the link to your schedule (web or PDF) and add any extra information for users. (300 characters max)
(error) Don’t provide a schedule.


Recorded content

(info) Provide the link to the location of your session recordings and add any extra information about when they will be available. The default message is Recordings of sessions can be found here, and will be updated daily: [LINK](300 characters max)
(error) Don’t provide a link if you aren’t providing session recordings.


Live agent availability

(info) Change text NOTE: Live agents are not available on this system 24/7. From MM/DD/YY--MM/DD/YY they can be reached between HH:MM--HH:MM GMT. Provide specific dates and times and add any extra information. (300 characters max)

In addition, the Help Chat has standard automated responses to technical support questions. They were created from a substantial list of real-world questions, and we are constantly refining them. For example, a user who types I’m getting audio feedback will get an automatic response suggesting different ways to fix the issue.

Covered topics are:

  • Audio issues

    • Feedback or echoes

    • Audio not connecting

    • Unable to hear anyone

    • People can’t hear me

  • Camera not connecting

  • Performance Issues

    • No video stream

    • Unexpected behaviors or poor performance

  • Trouble logging in

    • Magic link doesn’t work

    • Never got an email

    • Download and access the mobile app

    • App is frozen

These standard responses come with the Help Chat, free of cost. If you have your own list of anticipated questions, talk with your JUNO team representative about adding custom automated responses.

Or you can completely remove automated responses (also known as a hollow bot).




Automated responses

(plus) Add custom automated responses (talk to your JUNO representative about this option)
(error) Remove automated responses so support only comes from live agents (this does not remove the Schedule, Recorded content, or Live agent availability messages)

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