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Help Chat (Smartloop)Version 2.01

Release date: December 12, 2022

These improvements are released along with JUNO Live version 2.7, if your platform uses the Smartloop Help Chat.


Brand new conversation flow and user experience

The entire conversation flow and user experience has been updated. The bot now guides users through troubleshooting steps by offering a menu of suggestions about the issue they might be experiencing. Users click buttons to move forward as they select their issue, try solutions, and go to the next step.

If they want to bypass the buttons at any time, they can type keywords about their issue or request to speak with a live agent.

An example conversation with the bot.

Solutions tailored to your operating system

Now users choose their OS before beginning troubleshooting and get personalized instructions for Windows or Mac.

Issue and solution tracking

Users and live agents will now experience fewer redundant questions because the Help Chat tracks which solutions the user already tried. The bot remembers these so that it doesn’t repeat solutions. If the user decides to talk with a live agent, the agent can see the tracked solutions too.


Other improvements

  • Optimized the Help Chat window so that it looks good on mobile screens.

  • Edited solutions to get them up-to-date with the latest software versions.

  • Visualized the entire conversation flow as a flow chart in Whimsical. This is an internal documentation tool that helps us stay organized.

  • Improved the keywords and phrases that trigger the bot to provide event schedule information.

  • Refined additional keywords and phrases.

  • Added a solution to help users find session recordings that are now available as on-demand content.

  • Rearranged phrasing on general blocks.

  • Fixed coffee GIF.

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