The JUNO Implementation Timeline is our shared project management document. It ensures that the JUNO and Client teams collectively stay on track to deliver a successful event or launch a successful Single Destination Platform.

The timeline revolves around milestones. With the completion of each milestone, we get closer to launching your site!

Within each milestone is a list of tasks that we work together to complete. We call these tasks "dependencies" because they impact our progress forward. If deadlines are not met, we may need to pivot the delivery plan, push back delivery dates, or allocate additional paid resources.

Depending on your needs, we might remove some milestones or rearrange dependencies. It’s a modular, flexible system. For example, initial start dates and due dates are formula-driven based on our historical experience and can be tweaked upon review with you.

Get to know the milestones in the list below. For example, “SSO integration complete” is a milestone that you would see on your timeline if you are using SSO integration.

Designing your site...

Site created

Collecting your content and users...

Registration integration complete (optional)

SSO integration complete (optional)

Content synced via content integration (optional)

Content imported and on site (optional)

Schedule widget goes live

Finalizing extra features...

New features complete (optional)

Parallax complete (optional)

CE complete (optional)

RTMP / AV streamed-in sessions confirmed (optional)

Help chat complete (optional)

Training the team...

Site admins / exhibitors / speakers & moderators are trained

Exhibitors are let on the platform - app & web

Speakers are let on the platform - app & web

Towards the finish line...

Platform sign-off by client

Users are let on the platform - app & web

Pre-launch prep complete

And beyond!

Post-event content is published on site

Debrief complete

Routine check-ins for Single Destination Platforms (365)