What to know

This meeting should include the Client team, any third-party registration representatives, the JUNO Client Success Manager, and the JUNO Client Engineer. The agenda includes:

  • Understand how data for attendees, speakers, exhibitors will be pulled into JUNO

  • Understand how users will access the platform

  • Understand different ticket types and access levels as they relate to content

  • Understand any CME/crediting integrations

Homework (Prepare before the meeting)

Client team

JUNO team

(star) Share third-party integration representatives' contact information with JUNO
(star) Share API information from the third-party vendor
(star) List out ticket types and their access levels

(star) Ensure third-party integration reps are invited to the meeting
(star) Collect any documentation needed for integration
(star) JUNO Client Engineer makes Jira cards for each integration

What to do during the meeting

Client team

JUNO team

(tick) Client debriefs team on registration flow and ideal user experience
(tick) Ensure 3rd party integration reps share testing environment links
(tick) Register JUNO team with test accounts and share credentials with JUNO

(tick) JUNO Client Engineer drives meeting agenda with 3rd party integration rep

What to do after the meeting

Client team

JUNO team

(star) Create the welcome email (if it’s being sent through JUNO)
(star) If using SSO and registration, list which fields are being pulled into JUNO

(star) JUNO Client Engineer makes adjustments to Jira cards based on what was discussed