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JUNO | June`24 Updates

Release date: June 2024

This page documents the latest updates for June 2024 to the JUNO products, including our comprehensive platform JUNO v2 and the vNext platform. These updates aim to enhance user experience through improved back-end admin features and front-end usability integration. Each entry lists the updates along with their respective version numbers and release dates.

New items are highlighted in blue for quick reference.


Enhanced session moderation and archiving EVENTS

The site admin sessions moderation section has introduced a new feature to toggle automatic session recording. Sessions are now auto-recorded by default, allowing moderators to automatically and manually turn recording on or off during live sessions. This can be managed from the ellipses menu. These recordings will now be referred to as Archives.


Viewing the Moderation section within the Session’s site admin editor.

Additionally, a new Archives tab has been added to the session edit page, featuring two sections: Main Room and Breakout Rooms. Both sections function identically.

The Main Room lists archives by date and shows participants, along with a preview and the option to download or delete the archive.

Breakout Rooms list rooms by name, each with a single archive, and include an option to delete the entire room.


Viewing the Archives tab within the Site admin session’s editor.

During recorded sessions, attendees will see a recording icon at the top left of their screen, and the participant list on the archives page now displays everyone who ever joined the session, not just those present in each recording. v2.0.9 06/21


Viewing a live session with the recording feature on.

The platform's emailer has been significantly updated. PLATFORM

The Campaign Builder interface has been updated and linked to the new Automation Tool backend. This ensures that all features, such as scheduling campaigns, dynamically displaying subscription groups, selecting templates based on campaign types, sending test emails, and saving and activating campaigns, work perfectly for all 17 campaign types.


Viewing the default email campaigns on a v1 site.

A new feature has also been implemented to copy default unsubscribe groups, templates, and campaigns when a site is created after email setup or manually for legacy platforms on vNext. This ensures that each of the 17 email types has corresponding templates and associated unsubscribe groups configured and set up as inactive campaigns.

Campaign types:

Course Enrollment, Course Waitlist, New Forum Topic, New Forum Post, New Feed Post, Tagged Forum Post, Tagged Feed Post, Comment Forum Post, Comment Feed Post, Reply Your Comment Forum Post, Reply Your Comment Feed Post, Reply Forum Comment, Reply Feed Comment, Like Forum Post, Like Feed Post, Like Forum Comment, and Like Feed Comment.

For more detailed setup information, please visit Setting up default email campaigns.

v1.1.27 06/12



Implemented a Make Announcement feature

  • Group admins can now make announcements from any feed post. By selecting the three-dot menu and choosing Make Announcement, admins can elevate posts to announcements. To remove an announcement, select the three-dot menu on the post and choose Remove Announcement.


Creating an announcement from a feed post.

  • Multiple posts can be designated as announcements and are displayed on the group’s About tab. These announcements will include full engagement options and direct links to the original feed posts.


A view of the Announcements section on the About page within a group.

During implementation, a routing issue was identified that affects the functionality of this feature when tabs are rearranged or reordered inside groups. The team is actively working on resolving this issue. v2.0.8 06/20

  • Updated the file upload feature for group members, allowing them to select a specific folder from a dropdown menu within the Resources tab and create subfolders within folders, ensuring efficient file organization and management. v2.0.8 06/20

Backend work PLATFORM

  • Implemented S3 Presigned URLs for reading objects from the Juno-prod-platforms S3 bucket to enhance security by restricting public access. v2.0.7 06/10

  • API calls to our service now execute more rapidly, leading to a smoother and more responsive user experience. This change aims to reduce latency and improve overall performance. v2.0.7 06/10

Basic analytics PLATFORM

  • Added functionality to display students' enrollment and completion dates on both individual and group learner transcript downloads, providing more detailed progress tracking. v1.1.27 06/12


  • Messenger now displays both the first and last names of users, enhancing clarity and reducing confusion when messaging individuals with common first names. v2.0.7 06/10

Site admin PLATFORM

  • Added a section under General Settings in the site admin to allow viewing and editing of emailer settings after initial setup in for future reference and adjustments. v2.0.7 06/10

2024-06-24_16-04-58 copy.png

A view of the Site Email Branding section within the Site admin.



  • Temporarily hid the email template previewer functionality in the application to prevent user confusion and potential errors, ensuring it will only be available once fully implemented and functional. v1.1.27 06/12


Backend work PLATFORM

  • Corrected the issue where passwords were not being saved correctly, preventing users from having to frequently reset their passwords to access the platform. v2.0.7 06/10

  • Resolved the issue preventing video uploads over 10MB on the staging site, enabling users to upload larger files. v1.1.27 06/12

Basic analytics PLATFORM

  • The issue causing reports to be anonymized and not display first and last names, as well as generating a NoSuchKey error, has been resolved. v1.1.27 06/12


  • Resolved the race condition causing SCORM courses to fail if updates are made immediately after course creation, conversion, or import, ensuring updates are allowed only after the process is fully completed. v2.0.7 06/10

  • Corrected the course retake functionality on the Learning platform by ensuring previous answers are not highlighted during retakes. This fix allows users to successfully update their responses and improve their chances of passing. v2.0.8 06/20


  • The Email Template Previewer desktop version now formats correctly, ensuring accurate display across all devices. v1.1.27 06/12


  • Addressed the issue where newly created groups were not filtered to the top in the editor, ensuring easier location and access. v1.1.27 06/12

  • The issue causing group member count to be inaccurate, even when not counting admin users, has been resolved. v1.1.27 06/12


  • Fixed an issue where the participant count in direct message chats showed one less than the actual number by excluding the user's own account. The indicator now accurately includes all participants. v2.0.7 06/10

Pagebuilder PLATFORM

  • Fixed an issue where hero images would duplicate their size to fit the component after upload. The images now display as intended, fitting the component without needing to refresh the page. v2.0.7 06/10


  • Corrected the issue where passwords were not being saved correctly, preventing users from having to frequently reset their passwords to access the platform. v2.0.7 06/10

  • Resolved an issue in the Profile - Experience section where an error message was displayed if the combined character count of all job description boxes exceeded 1024 characters, preventing information from saving. v2.0.8 06/20

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