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JUNO Learning Updates 2022-12-21

Release date: December 21, 2022

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


Course dashboards

  • Added a My Transcript button to the learner dashboard to enable each learner to download their CSV transcript.

  • Added basic stats to the top of the learner dashboard so each learner can visually keep track of their statistics.

  • Added downloadable CSV reports for site admins and managers.

    • Reports about each learner:

      • Current courses

      • Learner transcript

    • Reports about each course:

      • Course details

  • Added links that let you go directly to a course from the course dashboard.

  • From the dashboard, learners can access courses that have already ended (the end date has passed). Clicking the course sends them to the course home page, where they can view the description, download resources, and download their certificate (if one is available and the learner has passed the course). They cannot open lessons.

Course pages

  • Updated the routing of the pass/fail popup upon course completion to keep the user on the course homepage. From there, they can access the course certificate if one is available.


Course editor

  • Updated the enrollment tab to only display close enrollment dates once they have been defined.

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