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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-01-19

Release date: January 19, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


Reread and rewatch lessons after completing a course LEARNING

  • Learners can now go back into course lessons to reread any text and rewatch videos before and after course completion. They cannot change their answers to questions or resubmit lessons.

  • Learners also have more control over video playback once they complete a lesson. Before completion, learners see button options to play the video, rewind it by 30 seconds, or restart it. Once they have completed the lesson, they gain access to all video controls.

Video controls before lesson completion look like this:

Video controls before completion

Video controls after lesson completion look like this:

Video controls after completion


Course editor LEARNING

  • All Add Learner and Add Manager drop-down lists include email addresses and allow users to search for and add users by those addresses.

  • Updated all Add Learner drop-downs to handle multiple selections in a single instance, so admins and managers can add more than one user at a time.

  • Updated the waitlist to place newly added learners at the bottom to help maintain its original order.


Course dashboards LEARNING

  • Updated the Download Course Details report in the Manager dashboard to reflect only the learners they manage, making it easier for managers to track just their learners. At the same time, admins still have access to all learner information.

  • Learners' passed courses now display a checkmark next to the grade earned, helping them distinguish between passed and failed courses.

Course editor LEARNING

  • The Save and Discard buttons now follow the user as they scroll down the course editor page, making them more accessible as the user makes changes.

The Save and Discard buttons within Course Editor.

  • Updated the Score field within Questions (Lesson Parts) to allow users to delete the default number. Now users can use the delete button on their keyboards to change the default score to 0.

Enrollment LEARNING

  • Updated the Add Learners drop-down to only allow learners to be added once to either the enrollment list or the waitlist, avoiding duplicate learners in either section.

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