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JUNO Learning and Analytics Updates 2023-01-26

Release date: January 26, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management and analytics tools.


Instructor roles LEARNING

With this release, instructors are not yet able to create or edit courses. In a future version, they will get the permissions described below. In the meantime, this release allows you to add instructors to courses.

The Instructor role turns a basic user into an administrator of a course. It’s a great way to give course teachers the ability to edit their own content.

Site admins can set up instructor roles on courses at any time by adding users in the Instructors drop-down in the course editor.

Once an instructor has been added to a course, they can edit that course as well as create new courses. They can add and edit course information, lessons, and resources. Instructors can also add other instructors to the course.

Learn more: Add instructors to a course

A highlight of the Instructors drop-down within the course editor

A new way to export user activity data PLATFORM

The User activity exporter is a tab on the Basic analytics page where site admins can generate and download user activity reports. You can filter the data based on a Time frame, specific Dates, and Activity types.

This feature will be added to active client sites once we review and finalize functionality.

Please note that all existing analytics pages and reports are still available. This page is an addition to existing reports.


Course Editor LEARNING

  • Improved the course editor status indicator language to help users more easily determine if edits are allowed:

    • 🟒 Feel free to edit anything, this course hasn't started yet!

    • 🟠 This course is live but no learners have started yet. After adjusting the course dates, you may still edit all course and lesson details.

    • πŸ”΄ This course has active learners in progress. Some parts of a lesson can no longer be edited.

A highlight of the Green status and language inside the course editor

Basic Analytics PLATFORM

  • Added Courses Started and Courses Completed widgets to the Basic Analytics page so site admins can track all learners' progress on courses from a single source.

The Basic Analytics page is a new page that was recently announced in the 2.8 release notes.


Course editor LEARNING

  • Removed a redundant tooltip from the Enrollments tab.



  • Courses are removed from the Current tab on the Learner Dashboard once they have passed their end date, to ensure learners see only their most current courses.

  • Corrected an issue with Manager tags not giving the user access to the manager dashboard.

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