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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-02-28

Release date: February 28th, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


Instructor role LEARNING

The Instructor role turns a basic user into an administrator of a course. It’s a great way to give course teachers the ability to edit their own content.

Instructor functionality is now fully released. Once an instructor has been added to a course, they can edit that course as well as create new courses. They can add and edit course information, lessons, and resources. They cannot view learner information or enrollment. Instructors can also add other instructors to the course.

Adding an instructor in the course editor.

Transcripts LEARNING

Admins, managers, and learners now have access to different forms of transcripts on their course dashboards.

  • Site admins have a full transcript containing all learners on the site. This Learner Transcripts button is located at the top of their dashboard.

  • Managers have a full transcript too, but only for the learners they manage.

  • Admins and managers can still download transcripts for individual learners.

  • Learners can still download their own transcript, but it now includes all of the courses they enrolled in, including incomplete courses and courses in progress.

Downloading a full transcript for all learners.


Course dashboard LEARNING

  • All dashboard reports are now asynchronous, which helps prevent large downloads from timing out.

  • For site admins and managers, the overview stats on the dashboard now reflect totals: Total Completed Lessons, Completed Courses, and Credits Earned. For site admins, it includes all learners and courses. For managers, it only includes learners in their admin group and the courses those learners enrolled in.

Enrollment LEARNING

  • Added functioning X buttons to all search bars in the course enrollment editor to allow admins and managers to quickly clear their search results.


Course dashboards LEARNING

  • The learner dashboard is now paginated so that it loads faster and scrolls smoothly.

Course Editor LEARNING

  • Fixed an issue that prevented saving course resources in the course editor.

  • Fixed an issue causing lessons to disappear when images were dragged and dropped into course/lesson blurbs and body/description fields.


  • Fixed an issue with an error message telling the user they are not authenticated.

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