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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-03-31

Release date: March 31, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


CE credit management update is now available on my Profile page - everything you need to know. LEARNING

Learners can now manage their CE credits from a single location on their My Profile page. The new CE tab has four tabs: Available, In Progress, Ready to Claim, and Claimed. These tabs provide a list of education Credits and a search box for results specific to each section. Available allows users to see CE options not yet started, completed, or claimed, while In Progress shows CE already started, and Ready to Claim displays completed CE, while Claimed shows CE already claimed.

Furthermore, users can see the details available for each CE credit by selecting the Details link on each CE, which includes the name, maximum claimable credits, and a list of attached content. The pop-up displays a Claim button if a CE is ready to be claimed. Users can also view their progress through the Continue or Start Now buttons.

Streamline your workflow: easily manage CE credits in Das Admin with the latest update. PLATFORM

A new section has been added to Das Admin CE Credits, allowing Admins to easily manage CE. Admins can now create, save, and delete changes to CE credits in the Credit Info tab. This tab includes, Discard, Save, and Delete CE Credit buttons allowing admins to revert changes, save changes, or get rid of unneeded CE credits easily. Additionally, the Dates section contains two fields, Release Date (Local Time) and Claimable Date (Local Time), and a Rules section with checkboxes to Allow Partial Claim and Reward Certificate upon completion.

A view of the Credit Info tab in Das Admin

The Connect Content tab allows admins to attach courses to the prerequisite via an alphabetized dropdown. A Search bar filters listed courses, and a Max Credit field is available to assign custom credits, including partials. This new update allows admins to easily manage CE credits and make necessary changes.

A view of the Connect Content tab in Das Admin

Unlock your potential: enhance your learning journey with the new retake lessons feature! LEARNING

A new feature has been added to the learning platform, allowing learners to retake lessons. Admins can check the Allow Retakes box and select from the options Always or On fail. Additionally, a Retake button has been added to the lesson home page, and popup notifications alert learners when they have the option to retake a lesson and that retaking a lesson will cause previous submissions to be lost.

A visual indication has been added to the lesson list container to make it easier for learners to identify which lessons allow retakes. Once a learner completes one attempt on a lesson that allows retakes, the lesson container displays # Retake(s) Available. The text disappears when there are no more retakes available. This new feature makes it easier for learners to improve their performance and continue learning.

Das Admin's Prerequisites management feature enables admins and instructors to ensure learners meet course prerequisites and earn appropriate requirements. PLATFORM

The Prerequisites Management feature for courses is located in Das Admin and the Course Editor and helps admins and instructors ensure learners meet prerequisites before taking a course and earn appropriate requirements upon completion. Das Admin's course catalog page now includes a Prerequisites tab that allows Admins to conveniently create those prerequisites. This tab is also easily accessible within the Course Editor, providing instructors with seamless access.

View of Prerequisites tab in Das Admin

Additionally, dropdowns have been added to the Course information tab allowing admin and instructors to easily connect required and granted prerequisites.

View of Prerequisite dropdowns on Course Information

Learners can easily view the prerequisites for a course on the course’s homepage and receive a visual indication if they have not met the requirements. This feature aims to streamline the course management process and provide a better learning experience for learners.

Use the new video upload feature, now available for course preview pages. LEARNING

Admins and instructors can now attach Mp4, Vimeo, and Youtube videos to course and lesson previews. By utilizing the drag and drop feature, browsing their local files, or inputting video URLs for Vimeo or YouTube, Admins and instructors can seamlessly upload and select Mp4 files of sizes up to 10GB. Non-MP4 files are not supported, and error messages pop up for those invalid file types. The uploaded video files are hosted on Amazon IVS. These design updates make adding videos to course and lesson previews easier.

View of the video preview sections in the Course Editor and Das Admin.


Back-end work PLATFORM

  • Updated the backend to store the required CE, retake data, and pass this information to the front end.

  • Added fields to the Course Info tab in Das Admin to handle Retakes, Lesson Progress, Results, and Answers.

  • Implemented the ability to take retake grades over initial scores on the back end and reflect on the front end upon completion.

  • Progress tracking toward existing credits for all users has been implemented as a continuous process after the creation of the CE.


  • Added notification to alert learners that retaking a lesson will cause previous submissions to be lost.

  • Implemented styling updates for the Video Uploader in Lesson Parts.



  • Fixed an issue where the container for creating prerequisites in Das Admin was too tall.


  • Resolved an issue where learners saw a Course failed to create an error when enrolling in a paid course for the first time.

  • Fixed the Mp4 uploader to allow for uppercase letters.


  • Fixed several layout issues with the mp4 uploader section in Lesson Parts.


  • Fixed an issue where the Understood button was not working on the Cancellation popup for the mp4 uploader.

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