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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-05-10

Release date: May 10th, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools. 


New Admin functionalities for uploading mp4 videos LEARNING

The latest update to Das Admin now includes an added mp4 upload progress popup feature for Course and Lesson creation. This feature allows admins and teachers to cancel video uploads and receive notifications for canceled uploads via green snack notifications on the bottom right of the screen.

mp4 Progress Popup

Also, a new confirmation prompt has been introduced that appears when navigating away from a section where a video is still uploading. This prompt presents the options "Don't Cancel" or "Understood," allowing admins and teachers to make informed decisions about whether to continue or cancel the upload.

Cancellation Confirmation Prompt

This update makes the process of managing video uploads more user-friendly and efficient for Das Admin users.



  • Added validation errors to the Course Credits field within the importer to allow admins to edit errors in Real-Time.



  • Fixed issues where videos were stopping just prior to 100% completion.


  • Fixed an issue where users could not fully complete a course until they exited it and returned to the final screen.

  • Fixed issue where all Tag Types were showing on the front-end filter when none had been selected in the Page builder of Das Admin.

  • Fixed issue where timed lessons were not loading properly for learner.


  • Clarified language on the popup for learners that passed a lesson that allows retakes only after failing.


  • Fixed an issue within the importer where specifying 0 for the amount of Course Credits was causing an error.

  • Fixed an issue where imported courses containing an apostrophe in the title showed two apostrophes after publishing.

  • Fixed an issue where importing lessons using the importer was not uploading them or adding them to the correct course, so now admins can bulk upload lessons after courses have been created if they need to.

  • Fixed an issue with the importer not recognizing % in the course passing percent column.


  • Fixed an issue where the video upload progress indicator was behind other page elements when moved.

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