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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-05-18

Release date: May 18th, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools. 

Make sure to check out the latest vNow release!

Great news, vNow, and vNext are in sync! This means each week, clients get the latest versions of both. Check out the latest updates here.


Das admin

  • Updated the date range section within Course Reports so that admins can filter data from courses based on a specified date range.


Access Passes

  • Resolved an issue with the mobile app and browsers on Android and iOS where the Upgrade Now button links for access passes were not functioning correctly, preventing learners from navigating or loading the page.

  • Resolved an issue where access pass URLs failed to generate their respective paths and navigate learners successfully.


  • Fixed an issue where the Claim Now button was always enabled when accessed through the Details list; Now, it is enabled only after the credit is earned.

  • Resolved an issue in the Credit Info tab of CE Credits, where the Max Credits field failed to calculate the total credits accurately, especially when including partial credits or decimals.

  • Fixed the case sensitivity issue in the search function for the filter dropdown menu on the Connect Content tab. J

  • Fixed issue where Max Credits were showing incorrectly on Dashboard, Requirements modal, and Claim Credits popup.

  • Fixed an issue where the claimable date was not showing up correctly on the list view of the CE credits Dashboard.

  • Resolved an issue where the "View Certificate" button was displayed for CE courses that did not have an associated certificate.

  • Fixed an issue where the Search field on the Connect Content tab of CE Credits was case-sensitive.


  • Fixed incorrect date formatting on Certificate downloads.

Das admin

  • Fixed issue where all Tag Types were showing on Course catalog pages when none had been selected in Page builder of Das Admin.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Start Date as a sorting option had it appear at the bottom of the filtering window; Now, it displays at the top when chosen for convenience.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain reports in Das Admin to fail.

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