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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-06-07

Make sure to check out the latest vNow release!

Great news, vNow, and vNext are in sync! This means each week clients get the latest versions of both. Check out the latest updates here.




  • We added title headers to the filters modal in the course catalog so learners have a clear understanding of what tag categories they are viewing or selecting.


  • The text field for Fill In The Blank answers on courses was changed to automatically increase in height as text is added, up to 20 lines.

  • We added the ability for mobile users to download and save course resources.

  • We removed Lesson from the Previous, Next, and Complete buttons inside courses so that they fit on mobile devices.

Examine your data dashboard PLATFORM

  • We updated the export file names to match the widget they are associated with.



  • Fixed issue where prerequisites were not being granted on successful Course retakes.

  • Admins and teachers can now remove certificates by using the toggle without the need to delete them from the drop-down field before saving the page, simplifying the process where admins and teachers were having to uncheck the certificate in the dropdown before toggling the option off.


  • Fixed an issue where the input text field for fill in the blank questions was not adhering to the set container width and appeared much smaller than it should.

  • Added padding to fix an issue where the search field under My Courses was partially hidden behind the device‚Äôs native keyboard.

Progress on upcoming features

These notes are progress made on upcoming features that are not yet released.

Social (vNext) COMMUNITY

  • We set up comment threads to test for functionality.

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