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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-09-01

Release date: September, 1st 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


Das admin gets an update PLATFORM

Experience the all-new Das Admin with a sleek, modern makeover designed for ultimate accessibility.

Effortless Navigation and Elegant Design

Say hello to a cleaner, more sophisticated design boasting a minimalist aesthetic that exudes professionalism. Our latest update introduces a streamlined navigation menu and a user-friendly breadcrumb trail at the top.

The updated design in Das admin

You can now Import and export your data in Das admin PLATFORM

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Das Admin suite: the Course Importer/Exporter Tool. This powerful tool has been carefully crafted to streamline and elevate your experience for importing and managing course data.

Using the Importer Tool in Das admin.

Data Importing

The Das Admin Importer/Exporter Tool has been optimized to focus exclusively on importing and managing course data.

Precision Validation

The Validation Wizard guarantees data accuracy by alerting you to any missing required fields or unrecognized columns in your CSV upload. This real-time validation allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring the quality and integrity of your imported data.

Efficient Editing

The Validation Wizard identifies errors and allows you to edit and correct entries in real-time. Navigate through rows with errors using the Previous and Next buttons, and even utilize the dropdown menu to edit specific rows within your upload.

Seamless Discarding and Deletion

You can remove an uploaded CSV file from the drop zone with the DISCARD button. This feature, coupled with the ability to delete rows individually or in bulk, ensures that your data management remains smooth and efficient.

Publish with Confidence

The PUBLISH button becomes available upon resolving errors and ensuring a clean CSV upload. This finalizes the import process and lets you confidently proceed with your data management tasks.

Data exporting through the Change Log tab PLATFORM

The Change Log Tab is designed to provide you with a comprehensive record of imports within the Importer Tool. This feature allows you to track and manage changes made during the validation process, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

Using the Change log section of the Importer/Exporter in Das admin.

Precise Details

With the Change Log Tab, every import triggers the creation of a detailed changelog entry in a list format. This entry records the exact date and time of the import, providing you with a chronological record of imported activities

Insightful Clarity

The Type section showcases the download type, offering clarity on the nature of each import. On the right-hand side, the Status section provides immediate visibility into the import status: Error, Pending, Processing, or Complete.

Effortless Downloads

Whether you need to download one or multiple entries, checkboxes alongside each entry enable quick selection. Select the Download Selection link in the upper-right corner to initiate your download. Each selected entry will be downloaded as an individual CSV file.

Learn more about the Importer/Exporter in Das admin.


New Features in Tab Settings and Rotators for Page Builder PLATFORM

Using the Date filtering options available for Rotators and Grids in Pagebuilder.

Date Filtering for Tab Settings

  • With this update, administrators can utilize date filtering functionality in Tab Settings within Page Builder. This feature lets you selectively display courses based on specific date criteria, including relative timeframes and exact dates. Whether it's showcasing upcoming events or historical content, you have the tools to make it happen.

Comprehensive Pre-filter and Sorting Capabilities in Rotators

  • We've expanded the capabilities of rotators within Page Builder by introducing pre-filter and sorting options that mirror those available in grids. Admins can seamlessly manage displayed content, including tagging, user actions, date filtering, and sorting options. Notably, the Tab Label field in rotator filter settings has been removed, streamlining your content management experience.

Image specs PLATFORM

Editing the Banner image in a course.

  • Enhanced the experience for Admins by optimizing the image uploader in the JUNO platform, providing preselected correct aspect ratios, and containing the ratio information in a non-editable field for Course and Community Group banner images.



  • Resolved the issue where adding or creating EC from the Course information page caused credits to appear as 0 by fixing the credit calculation discrepancy, ensuring that EC credits are accurately updated and displayed.

Lesson parts LEARNING

  • The validation prompt for question titles longer than 90 characters in the Admin section's lesson creation now displays properly instead of obscured, allowing admins and instructors to save their questions effectively.

Navigation PLATFORM

  • Fixed an issue with course catalog pages showing a 404 error when navigating to them.

Roles and permissions PLATFORM

  • Resolved an issue where declared tags were not syncing properly, ensuring that the students' section under admin groups now updates as expected for facilitator access.

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