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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-09-07

Release date: September, 7th 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


Backend work PLATFORM

  • Updated endpoints to include platform data.

  • Wrapped vNext elements in PubNub.

Education Credits (EC) LEARNING

  • Updated all areas in Das admin that referred to CE credits to Education credits (EC) for accuracy and consistency.


Course editor LEARNING

  • Fixed the issue where attempting to access FET resulted in a 404 error, ensuring that admins, managers, and instructors can access the course editor successfully.

E-commerce PLATFORM

  • Fixed the issue where opening an existing product price did not load the Price Level attribute.

Education Credits (EC) LEARNING

  • Fixed the issue where details links automatically routed learners to content when only attached to one piece of content.

  • Fixed the issue on the Education Credit Dashboard where the Details window (and start window with multiple attached content) lacked a Close button, preventing users from being redirected to different pages when clicking outside of it.

Lesson parts LEARNING

  • Fixed issue where spaces were being allowed in URL for video lesson Parts.

Transcripts LEARNING

  • Fixed an issue where learners with facilitator tags could not see the groups they were in when pulling transcripts, ensuring consistent visibility regardless of admin status.

PageBuilder PLATFORM

  • The ascending and descending sorting options on grids now correctly change the view and sort order of contents on the page, ensuring accurate sorting based on selected criteria.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple grids on a page were not retaining individual sorting preferences.

Navigation PLATFORM

  • Fixed issue where subnav selections were requiring refresh to reflect correctly.

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