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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-10-03

Release date: October, 3rd 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.

Reminder about past releases

Great news: vNow and vNext are in sync! This means each week, clients get the latest versions of both. Check out the latest updates here.


Streamlined course completion on ungraded courses - everything you need to know. LEARNING

The ability to mark a course as complete for learners, specifically on courses where all lessons are ungraded, revolutionizes the administrative process. We've replaced each X next to enrolled learners on the enrollments tabs with a three-dot more menu, giving you streamlined options.

By selecting this menu, you can disenroll learners or mark the course as completed for them, ensuring accurate credit assignments for in-person classes. This targeted functionality simplifies your workload and adds a layer of precision—ensuring you can only apply completion for courses where all lessons are ungraded.

Marking a course as completed for an enrolled learner.

Built-in safeguards

The built-in safeguards, such as graying out the option for graded courses, guarantee that your actions align with your intent, offering you enhanced control and confidence in managing course completion efficiently.

Any graded lesson within a course will not allow you to mark it as completed for learners.


A confirmation message provides additional assurance, making your course management tasks seamless and reliable.

Selecting the proceed button on the Mark course completed confirmation popup.


Dashboards LEARNING

Introducing a user-friendly modal for filtering the content displayed on the dashboard for Learners, Facilitators, and Admins by start date significantly enhances your experience with this tool.

Filtering by dates on the Admin dashboard.

This feature empowers you to efficiently focus on courses aligning with your preferred time frames, such as terms or semesters. The streamlined approach reduces frustration and enables you to manage course visibility efficiently, ensuring relevant courses are easily accessible. The feature's accessibility to all user types and visibility across different tabs guarantee flexibility and continuous usability, empowering you to optimize course management effectively.

Transcripts LEARNING

Admins of the online learning platform can now generate transcript reports exclusively for courses within their selected start date range, ensuring a more tailored and relevant learning record.


Backend work PLATFORM

  • Resolved an issue where user creation and updates were not syncing from Le admin to Das admin.


  • Fixed issue where capitalized .MP4 in filename was not allowed for Course Videos.

Dashboards LEARNING

  • the issue of holding down the delete button in the search bars within admin groups that deleted previously added users has been resolved. Holding the delete button will only clear the search bar as expected.

E-commerce PLATFORM

  • Fixed caching issue for adding/removing users from price levels. Now, admins can select the price level, make changes, and enjoy seamless user management in the products section.

Transcripts LEARNING

  • Resolved an issue where an isolated course report was not downloading.

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