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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-11-30

Release date: November, 30th 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.

Reminder about past releases

Great news: vNow and vNext are in sync! This means that clients get the latest versions of both each week. Check out the latest updates here.


New Feature for Admins - Connecting Access Passes to Course Claiming Restrictions in Education Credits PLATFORM LEARNING

Admins can now connect Access Passes to subscriptions, providing a refined approach to course claiming limitations.

Key features

With this feature, admins gain granular control over credit claiming by associating Access Passes with specific course values. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Pass-Credit Association:

    • Admins can apply Access Passes to users from a curated list, with each pass linked to a designated course value.

  2. Subscription Cap Compatibility:

    • Selected passes align with the Admins chosen subscription cap, offering flexibility with 0, 7, 14, or 21 courses.

  3. Hidden Functionality:

    • Credit-claiming functionality remains concealed until users collect all required passes, ensuring an organized experience.

Implementing this feature

  1. First, ensure you have set up the Access Passes to align with your subscription Models.

    1. Access Das admin’s Access Passes Section.

    2. Select Create an Access Pass:

      1. Create the Access Passes that align with your subscription model.

Example: Subscription Cap 7, 14, 21.

Creating access passes for subscription caps in Das Admin.

  1. Add Subscribers to the Access Passes or let the system use the default.

  2. To add Subscribers to each access pass:

    1. Select an access pass to enter its information page and add subscribers using the Search/ Dropdown text box labeled Grant Access Pass to Users.

Attaching subscribers to an access pass in das admin.

  1. Once your Access Passes are set up, you can turn the Feature on:

    1. Enter the Feature Config section of Das admin.

  2. Select the Access Passes to restrict credits feature.

Accessing the Access Pass to restrict credits feature in Das admin.

  1. Select the toggle next to the Enabled within the Update Config window to turn the feature on (default: off).

  2. Establish the default setting:

    1. Specify the number of courses an individual can claim in the EC credits dashboard before an assigned pass comes into effect. Typically, the baseline for this scenario is zero.

  3. Include one or more tags (Access Passes) using the ADD TAG CONDITION button. Choose the relevant access passes and associate each pass with the number of Credits (Courses) a subscriber can claim.

Adding access passes to the update config window for the Access Pass to restrict credits feature.

Important notes

The system takes into account courses already claimed when determining subscription limits.

Example: If a subscriber is assigned a limit of three on their Access Pass but has already claimed two courses before receiving the Access Pass, they can only claim one additional course before upgrading their subscription and obtaining a new Access Pass.

Additionally, the system recognizes only one access pass for any user at a given time.

Example: If a subscriber is initially assigned a subscription access pass with a limit of three and later purchases another access pass allowing them to claim five, as an admin, you must first remove the three-course access pass and add the five-course access pass. This ensures the system acknowledges that the user can now claim two more courses.

This feature brings a new level of precision to managing education credits, offering admins the tools they need for tailored control.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you do not have access to Das admin to set this up and implement this feature.


Back-end work PLATFORM

  • Implemented enhanced security measures in JUNO, ensuring that requests to critical endpoints such as Admin Groups, Courses, Education Credits, Enrollments, Lessons, and Questions now require valid User or Admin credentials, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring continued functionality for authenticated Users and Admins.

  • Enhanced admin capabilities with immediate, real-time synchronization of users created or imported in vNow to vNext, ensuring the transition to the vNext email trigger and enabling the start of confident deprecation of the vNow email system, thereby guaranteeing consistent magic links in welcome emails for a unified user experience.

Basic analytics PLATFORM

  • Implemented the ability to view analytics site-by-site through the Analytics dashboard at [site]/admin/vnextanalytics. Users can now effortlessly filter analytics by site and switch between sites, ensuring a comprehensive and granular performance assessment for each specific site.

  • Added relevant Title and Slug information to User Activity Exporter downloads.

Community groups COMMUNITY

  • Added ability to include forums in group pages.

  • Users can now enhance community interactions by tagging others in their posts within the new post modal, featuring a user-friendly dropdown list displaying profile pictures, first names, and last names for easy selection.

  • Implemented the ability for community members to preview essential information about other users by clicking on their profile picture in groups, forums, or feeds, with the modal displaying the user's profile picture, name, company, and a View Full Profile button, ensuring a convenient and adaptable experience across different devices.

  • Permissions to create Groups Forum topics can be controlled by admin.


  • Added toggle switch that allows admin to include feeds on a course easily.


Certificates LEARNING

  • Updated the certificate builder to employ the same component as resource uploads, greying out disallowed file types, displaying an error message for unaccepted files during drag-and-drop, and ensuring a more informative error message for any file type violation, enhancing user experience and error handling.

Community Groups COMMUNITY

  • Resolved the issue in the admin interface where the tab settings under the grid for filtering content were not functioning, ensuring that tab settings now correctly filter content as expected in the Page Builder.

  • Fixed an issue where, after uploading a single file, attempting to upload a second file retained the information from the initial upload and displayed a loading spinner over the Upload button; users can now upload multiple files without interference from previous upload data.

  • Resolved an issue where the edit/download/delete modal did not dismiss after making a selection, requiring users to click outside; users can now efficiently make selections and initiate changes without interruption.

Course dashboards LEARNING

  • Resolved the issue where admins or managers previously lacked access to transcripts other than their own during the download process. Now, when downloading an individual learner's transcript, both in-process and completed courses are accurately displayed for the selected learner.


  • Fixed the issue where cloning lessons in Das admin and the Course Editor resulted in improper slugs without underscores, leading to errors when editing and saving; now resolved for accurate and error-free lesson management.

Lesson parts LEARNING

  • Addressed lesson question title validation, enhancing precision for question titles within lessons. Creators/Editors are now restricted to entering a maximum of 90 characters when creating a question title, eliminating the occurrence of validation errors.

PageBuilder PLATFORM

  • Fixed an issue where student courses weren't appearing on the My In-Person Courses tab; now, the dynamic date filter logic has been adjusted for accurate course retrieval, enabling the reapplication of user action options.

  • Resolved the issue where adding a grid to a page in Page Builder caused the entire page to go blank; now, the grid can be added without disrupting the page display.

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