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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-12-07

Release date: December, 7th 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


Backend work PLATFORM

  • Updates were made to integrations for a client site.

Lesson types LEARNING

  • In video lessons, the video title is now displayed above the lesson video with enhanced white space for improved clarity.



  • Resolved an issue in the Groups > Topic or Feed Posts Modal, where right-clicking within the text entry modal for Topics or Feed/Forum posts only displayed an option to add a link, now providing an expected menu with common text editing options for improved user experience.

  • Addressed an issue in the Groups > Individual Group > Forum or Feed Posts \(Tagged User\) section, where clicking on a tagged user initially resulted in a partially visible profile card. The profile card is now ensured to be fully visible and positioned in front of the comment box upon the first click, eliminating the need to scroll to access the complete information.


  • Resolved an issue where users could not be assigned access passes unless the Company Name field was filled out in their profile. Users can now be successfully attached to access passes without requiring a Company Name, enhancing the efficiency of access pass management.

Learning Importer PLATFORM

  • Resolved an issue where the SCORM import feature failed to update the imported course to the SCORM package; now, the imported course correctly reflects the expected update. JL-11147

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