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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-12-21

Release date: December, 21st 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


Open API Advancements: Empowering Integration and Accessibility PLATFORM

Programmatic Group and Membership Management

  • Seamlessly manage groups and memberships with enhanced CRUD functionalities.

  • Effortlessly create, retrieve, update, and delete group information.

Transcript Downloads

  • Download student and course transcripts effortlessly via the /generated_reports endpoint.

  • Access JSON payload listing generated reports, each with a download link for convenient CSV file retrieval.

  • Filter reports using query parameters like Learner Email, Learner Group, Course Slug, and Course Start/End Date.

Extended API Capabilities for vNext Data

  • Broaden Juno's API infrastructure by incorporating vNext data.

  • Unlock access to additional endpoints and features for an enriched user experience.

Comprehensive Public Documentation for vNext API

  • Facilitate user understanding and interaction with the vNext public API.

  • Access detailed documentation, including URL, description, and example requests for all public endpoints.

  • Hosted at the public endpoint /docs on the vNext site, utilizing Swagger's free documentation renderer.

Contact your Client Success Manager for a walkthrough on your platform.


Basic Analytics PLATFORM

  • Added E-Commerce filter to analytics widget to allow admins to view user purchase data.

  • Added new E-Commerce widgets to Analytics Dashboard.

Community Groups COMMUNITY

  • Optimized group management for admins with Das Admin/Group Editor’s new search bar in Community Groups, enabling real-time filtering by partial or complete group titles.

  • Enhance user engagement with the new feature, allowing auto-enrollment to community groups based on tags, streamlining the client process to foster continued conversations and community participation.

Course claiming subscriptions LEARNING

  • Admins can now configure language settings on claiming and details prompts within the Education Credits Dashboard for Education Credits, specifically when utilizing the Access Passes to Restrict Content Claimed feature. This includes streamlined feature labeling, access pass configuration with content limits, and comprehensive language customization options for user interactions, ensuring a seamless experience for administrators managing content claim subscriptions.


  • Added ability to filter the forum topic listing page by topic tags.

  • Added ability to tag forum topics with tags that have been associated with feeds.

  • Members can now conveniently sort posts within a forum topic using a dropdown menu, providing options such as Likes, which sorts based on most liked posts, and the default Newest, which sorts by most recent posts.

Lesson retakes LEARNING

  • Now, questions can be randomly sorted during retakes, offering a dynamic experience with each new attempt.


Admin Tools PLATFORM

  • Fixed an issue where the page stalled when creating a certificate with a non-unique name.

Community Groups COMMUNITY

  • Fixed issue where groups were showing outside of set release dates.

  • Fixed an issue where the # of members showing on a Group's About tab did not match the # of members in that Group.

  • Fixed issue where groups were showing outside of set release dates.


  • Fixed an issue where courses were showing on the list view outside of release dates.


  • Added claimable date to Education Credit popup from Course Info.

  • Made credit allocations on connected content dynamic so the allocation on the max credits section matches newly created Education Credits.

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