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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-12-28

Release date: December, 28th 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.

Reminder about past releases

Great news: vNow and vNext are in sync! This means that clients get the latest versions of both each week. Check out the latest updates here.


Notifications to Streamline User Engagement COMMUNITY

JUNO's notification system has undergone a significant upgrade, improving user engagement. Users now have the ability to tag others in both forum and feed posts, receiving web and profile notifications for the tagged posts. Additionally, they can receive profile and web notifications for new feed posts, new forum topic creation, and new posts in forum topics they follow, as well as likes and comments on both feeds and forums.

Getting a tagged-in notification.

Checking the notification in the notification window.



  • Configured text wrapping on the Groups Catalog Page for a seamless display within a 78-character limit, eliminating the need for ellipses.

  • Introduced a basic icon image feature for community groups, ensuring a default icon displays on the front end when a creator or editor doesn't choose or remove the icon, maintaining visual consistency.

  • Resolved the issue where forum topic creators couldn't edit, update, or delete their posts. Admins and creators now have enhanced control and flexibility over forum topics.

  • Enabled direct navigation to specific posts, comments, or replies within threads, enhancing user experience.

  • Implemented a feature allowing community members to tag Feed posts with relevant topic tags. The feature includes tag input during post-creation, limits tags to a predefined list for consistency, and offers various functionalities for tag management.

  • Introduced a multi-select box in the create/edit forum post dialog, enabling content creators to tag posts with topic tags aligned with Tag Types designated at the site level, enhancing content discoverability.

  • Added the ability to filter between viewing all posts and my posts in Feeds.


  • Content admins can now attach multiple resources like PDFs and PowerPoint files directly to individual lessons, enhancing the learning experience by providing specific materials for each lesson, with easy download options for learners.

PageBuilder PLATFORM

  • Implemented a Global Forum module in PageBuilder.

  • Implimented a visual indicator to show that the Global Forum module had been added to a page in PageBuilder.

  • Added the ability to name forum in PageBuilder.

  • Implemented a Global Feed module in PageBuilder.

  • Implemented a visual indicator to PageBuilder to show when the Global Feed module is present.

  • Added the ability to name the Global Feed module in PageBuilder.

  • Implemented the ability to include groups on rotator modules through PageBuilder.



  • Content administrators can now ensure that users without an Access Pass for a Course but with access to the preview are restricted from downloading resources, enhancing control over course materials while allowing users to preview the content.

  • Fixed an issue where choosing 0 as a rating was not initially reading correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the START COURSE button was disabled for users enrolled in a course with an Access Pass associated with a product.

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