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JUNO Learning Updates 2024-01-03

Release date: January, 3rd 2024

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


Basic analytics PLATFORM

  • Enforced the recording of the Create User event for every user across the platform, regardless of the creation source \(excluding direct SQL inserts\), ensuring precise analytics with the inclusion of Create User events in the New Users widget and analytics report on the basic analytics dashboard.

Viewing the New Users Widget in Basic Analytics.

Community groups COMMUNITY

  • Community Group Admins can now enhance visibility and accessibility by pinning forum topics within Community Groups, ensuring valuable content remains prominently displayed for all members.

Pinning a topic in a Group’s Forum.

Notifications PLATFORM

  • Added web and profile notifications for users getting tagged in Forum and Feed posts.


Community groups COMMUNITY

  • Forum and Feed posts that exceed the visible character limit will now feature a See More button accompanied by ellipses, aligning with standard practice for indicating continued text.


  • Numerous enhancements have been made to the vnext image uploader/editors, including the addition of clear error messages for invalid file types, a comprehensive list of accepted formats, improved image editor access by incorporating Edit into the Change/Delete options for previously uploaded images, and heightened visual accuracy for image previews on the front end, all while preserving the community group banner aspect ratio.

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