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JUNO Learning Updates 2024-01-10

Release date: January, 10th 2024

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.

Reminder about past releases

Great news: vNow and vNext are in sync! This means that clients get the latest versions of both each week. Check out the latest updates here.


PageBuilder PLATFORM

  • Added functioning filters for group pages to PageBuilder.

Reports and transcripts PLATFORM

  • Enhanced transcript functionality to display both completed courses and claimed credits, providing a comprehensive overview of learners' academic achievements.


Backend work PLATFORM

  • Implemented an automatic fix in the site setup process, ensuring smooth integration between vNow and vNext. Now, when roles and school tags are established, adding and declaring them on a user in Le admin triggers the creation or update of the school in Das Admin - Admin Groups, automatically assigning the user as a manager of that group. Additionally, if a user's school is changed, they are automatically removed from the previous school and added to the new one, streamlining administrative processes for managers and learners.


  • Resolved an issue where tagging multiple users in a site-wide forum/feed post led to an indefinite spinner upon clicking "post," requiring a manual refresh for the post to display in the feed/forum, with the additional fix that tagged users now receive notifications as intended.

  • Resolved an issue where new Global Feed posts were not initially shown at the feed's top.

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