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JUNO Learning Updates 2024-01-29

Release date: January, 29th 2024

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools.


New Features to revolutionize your communications – here’s everything you need to know. PLATFORM

As of now, access to the Automation and Emailer Tool is exclusive to Das Admin. Reach out to your Client Success Manager to initiate the setup for your platform and sites today. Stay tuned for updates on when this functionality will be accessible in our Front End Editor Admin Tools.

The recent updates concentrated on implementing and refining the Automation and Emailer Tool to offer administrators and clients a more intuitive and personalized communication experience.

Distinct settings interfaces.

The Automation Tool backend enables administrators to configure both the platform Brand Settings and Emailer Settings for each site, ensuring a streamlined and personalized experience for both the platform and individual sites.


Setting up the brand and emailer settings in the Automation Tool.

Email campaign management.

Create and manage your email campaigns all in one place through the Emailer tool's functional Tabs and +NEW CAMPAIGN button for better campaign management. This includes options for ALL, ACTIVE, DRAFT, COMPLETED, SUBSCRIPTION GROUPS, and EMAIL ANALYTICS, enhancing your communications experience and accessibility.


Viewing the ALL tab in the Emailer tool.


New email campaign builder for custom campaigns.

Leverage the dynamic email campaign builder within the Emailer, adapting to various times, dates, and recurrences. Clarity is maintained with warnings for unsaved changes while building and activating email campaigns. Admins can preview templates, send test emails, and efficiently manage campaigns, enhancing communication on the platform. This update guarantees precise scheduling and effective recipient management for creating custom campaigns.


Building a Custom Campaign in the Emailer tool.

Email analytics.

Explore email analytics within the Emailer Tool and leverage the newly introduced tab for navigating historical email records. Clear notifications assist in the absence of records. Additionally, the Email Analytics context in the Automation Toolbox on the front end empowers clients to selectively view historical records of sent emails, organized by Email Campaign type or displaying all site email records for a comprehensive experience.


Viewing the email analytics for ALL campaign types.

Targeted automated email campaigns and regular cadence email activation.

Efficiently build automated email campaigns by utilizing Tags for recipient targeting and triggering emails based on specific dates. Set up custom tags for your Groups, Sessions, and LMS courses, and utilize them to construct email campaigns in the emailer.


Viewing the tags section of the email campaign builder

Test email functionality.

Verify how your emails appear before activating your campaigns by sending a test email to yourself and other team members. Use the dynamic input, then select the SEND TEST EMAIL button. (Separate multiple email addresses with commas).


Sending a test email from the email campaign builder.

Ensure your templates are preloaded into the emailer database to activate or send test emails on campaigns. Contact your Client Success Manager for assistance in this process.


Emailer Tool PLATFORM

  • Addressed the previous need to save changes before activating custom campaigns in the emailer tool, ensuring successful activation without the requirement of prior changes saving.

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