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Release date: November 2nd, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our virtual and live events platform.

Reminder about past releases

Great news: vNow and vNext are in sync! This means each week, clients get the latest versions of both. Check out the latest updates here.

New configuration options PLATFORM

New routing configs are available and must be implemented to allow Community Groups, Forums, and Feeds to appear on your site.

Viewing a Group page.

Easily establish and manage community groups, customize group content, and control visibility. Effortlessly add and manage members, upload and organize files, and utilize additional settings for precise control. Explore distinct functionalities of Forums and Feeds, enhancing interactive discussions and individual content features. Integrate Feeds into courses for a vibrant community within each learning experience. JUNO empowers you to shape a dynamic and engaging online community.

Speak with your CSM to get the new community groups pages on your site today.

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