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Release date: March 31st, 2023



A new tab has been added to the profile page to view the status of or claim CE for Learning.

This feature allows Learners to view the available CE and the status of all their CE. When adding the new tab, the title is configurable through Le Admin.

Viewing the CE tab.

  • The Available tab allows learners to see all the available CE they can earn.

Viewing the Available tab for CE.

  • The Details button in the Available tab allows learners to view the content connected to each CE.

Viewing the Available tab.

  • Some CE will have multiple pieces of content attached to it. In these situations, learners can open the details section and view a list of the connected content they must complete to earn the CE's full or partial value. Learners can also start or continue the courses from this section by selecting the Start or Continue buttons.

Viewing the Details window.

  • The In Progress tab shows learners all the CE they have started but not finished. This section will only show CE with multiple pieces of content connected that learners have not completed. Single-content CE will not show up here. Learners can also navigate directly to the CE content they need to finish by selecting the Details on the right or Continue on the left.

Viewing the In Progress Section

  • Once a learner completes a course, they can go to the Ready To Claim tab and see the CE they have that is claimable or will be in the future.

Viewing the Ready to Claim tab.

  •  A pop-up shows Learners how many credits they have earned towards the overall CE and allows them to claim them.

  • Some courses may offer the ability to claim a partial credit. In these situations, they can choose the number of credits to claim from .25 to the total CE value.

    Viewing the Claim Credits window.


Exhibitors EVENTS

  • Implemented external URL’s to the Resources section on exhibitor pages so that clients can attach links to external websites and resources for their brands.

Schedule EVENTS

  • Adjusted Exclusive & Prerequisite icon placement when the Attend button is not available.

A view of how the icons for Exclusive and Prerequisites look on a session in the schedule when the Attend button is available.

A view of how the icons for Exclusive and Prerequisites look on a session in the schedule when the Attend button is unavailable.

Continuing education (CE) LEARNING

  • Das Admin - Added the ability to save, delete or discard changes to a CE credit and delete it completely.

  • Das Admin - Added Release and Claimable date fields to the CE credits page so admins can set when credits are available and are claimable.

  • Das Admin - Added the ability to choose whether or not learners can claim partial CE credit.

  • Das Admin - Added the ability to claim partial credits.

Viewing the Ce Credits - Credit Information tab in Das Admin

  • Das Admin - Added the ability to attach content to CE from a searchable drop-down list and a place to view, update or remove attached content.

Viewing the Connected Content tab in Das Admin.

Prerequisites LEARNING

  • Das Admin - Added the ability to attach Required and Granted prerequisites to courses.

Viewing the Prerequisites sections on the course information page in Das Admin

  • Added a Prerequisite section to course homepages so learners can view what is required and granted before taking the course.

Viewing the Prerequisites section on a Course's homepage

  • Added a pop-up window to inform learners when they have not completed the required prerequisites to start the course.

  • Added a tab to Learning called Prerequisites to Das Admin so that admins have a central place to create, manage, and connect prerequisites to content.

  • Added the ability to create prerequisites and attach them to content in Das Admin.

Viewing the Prerequisites tab on the Course Catalog page in Das Admin.

E-commerce LEARNING

  • Added the ability to allow learners to purchase courses associated with active products.

Certificates LEARNING

  • A new Certificates tab can be found in the Content tab of Admin Tools so that admins can create and manage certificates using the front-end tools.

Viewing the Certificates tab in Admin Tools.


  • Added a Speaker tab to the library Front-End Editor so admins can attach speakers to library content through FET.

  • Add a Speakers button to the Library FET so admins can easily add speakers to library pages.

  • Added a section to library FET to allow Admins to add speakers to library pages.

  • Added section to Speakers tab of Front-End Editor where speakers attached to library content in library FET can be easily found and edited by Admins.

  • Added a section on library pages to show the attached speakers so when visiting the page, they can see the attached speaker(s) and can go to the speaker page by selecting it to learn more.

Viewing the Speakers tab within a library FET.

Viewing the Speakers section on a Library page.


  • Added the ability to edit blurbs using the FET.

Viewing a Blurb and its Edit button.

Viewing the Blurb section within FET.

Mobile app PLATFORM

  • Updated the Mobile app to hide purchase information and give directions to purchase on the desktop site when necessary purchases occur.

New configuration options

Sort order PLATFORM

  • Added a new sort config to the vars of the ALL tab on the schedule page.


Sort By



sessions(or content) by Live / Upcoming / Past

This will sort the ALL tab of the Schedule page to show Live sessions at the top of the list, Upcoming sessions below those, and Past sessions at the bottom.

Viewing the setup of the new Sort config in Le admin.


Site landing page EVENTS

  • Fixed an issue where the platform event timer was not displaying on the site landing page.

Sessions EVENTS

  • Fixed a microphone duplicating issue if an attendee enabled video in a session without enabling audio.

  • Fixed an issue with the live session timer freezing once an attendee enters an IRL session.

  • Fixed an issue where attendees were prompted to choose video/audio settings twice before being brought on stage.

  • Fixed an issue where the scrub bar for IVS was not resizing when the screen was maximized.

  • Fixed an issue with the access level pop-up showing immediately on a session splash page before attendees even interact with the page.

  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving push notifications while in live sessions.

Schedule EVENTS

  • Fixed an issue with the schedule page disappearing upon navigating back to it.

  • Set preview text to truncate with an ellipsis for session tiles on the schedule page.

  • Fixed an intermittent issue within live sessions that caused an unexpected pop-up warning regarding entering a Past session.

Speakers EVENTS

  • Fixed an issue where the LinkedIn icon was missing from tiles on Speaker pages.

Scheduled meetings EVENTS

  • Fixed an issue where the meeting creator had the Decline option in the email for their meeting. It has been changed to Cancel Meeting.

Courses and question types LEARNING

  • Fixed an issue where Rating questions on content pages were reset when you left and returned to the page.

  • Fixed an issue where Rating questions could not be saved after creation in FET.

  • Fixed an issue where everyone could edit their answers for a timed course after the time had expired.

  • Fixed an issue where the Create Prerequisites container was too tall, causing the save button to sit out of view.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed learners to stack points by retaking lessons.

Continuing education LEARNING

  • Fixed an issue where the CE Claim button for PAST sessions was not claimable.

  • The CE Claim button was missing from IRL sessions.

Forum and feed COMMUNITY

  • Fixed an issue with Feed & Forum notifications and message alerts with the same icon in the preferences menu.

  • Fixed an issue where hyperlinks did not work in Feed or Forum posts when added to the post body.

Comments section (library, partners, social) COMMUNITY

  • Fixed an issue where menu ellipsis icons were barely visible.

Direct messages COMMUNITY

  • Fixed an issue where once an attendee accepts a chat invitation, they would incorrectly see the text [atendee name] has not accepted your chat request yet, in the conversation.


  • Fixed an issue where global notifications were not sent to the platform.

Mobile app PLATFORM

  • Fixed an issue related to photos not uploading correctly in social feed or profile on the mobile app.

  • Fix the mobile app to inherit the build version from Gitlab tags instead of the default 0.0.0.

  • Fixed an issue on the app where photos were not uploading correctly in social feed or profile.

  • Fixed an issue where mobile attendees were not getting global notifications.

  • Fixed an issue where downloading PDF Text while the app is open, you get "Null Null" text.

  • Added padding to the top and bottom of mobile screens so that all information is obvious and functional.

  • Resolved an issue with the notifications submenu not being pulled by the ellipsis button in the mobile app.

  • An issue regarding the mobile app and the status bar turning white during attendee navigation and text input into the available fields has been resolved.

  • Fixed an issue where the watch percentage on YouTube videos for iOS didn't reflect the correct progress.

  • Resolved an issue regarding the positioning of the percentage watched on video types in Learning on the mobile app.

  • Fixed an issue with the phone status bar for iOS, where the black icons were barely visible against the JUNO Live brand colors.

  • Resolved an issue with excessive padding between the logo/avatar and the mobile status bar.

  • Resolved an issue where session links on the mobile app failed to direct attendees to the live session in their mobile browser.


  • Fixed an issue where an account level could be changed using the console.

Authentication PLATFORM

  • Fixed an issue where the page class was not showing for /live after login.

Analytics PLATFORM

  • Updated the action value for analytics to represent Mod when sending chat in the Moderator tab in In-Session Chat Panel.


  • Fixed an issue where the blurb for the site footer was pulling in source code.

Styling updates PLATFORM

  • Fixed an issue where the color for tags was not carried over once applied to the search filter.

  • Fixed incorrect hover state colors in the Notifications section of the Profile Menu.

  • Fixed an issue where the session display meta was showing as source code on the schedule page.

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