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JUNO | May`24 Updates

Release date: May 2024

This page documents the latest updates for April 2024 to JUNO v2, our comprehensive platform designed to enhance user experience through improved back-end admin features and front-end usability integration. It also includes updates to our vNext platform. Each entry lists the updates along with their respective version numbers and release dates.


Virtual Events are Now in v2


Viewing the session page.

Enhanced the Site Admin with the capability to create and manage Sessions, including a Basic Information tab for setting up session constructs. New features include session search, session creation, and extensive session editing options, such as title and slug management, session activation, and multimedia support. This update significantly streamlines the administrative process for managing sessions on the front end, improving functionality and user experience. v2.0.3 05/07

Automated Payment Solutions for RSVP


Purchasing access to a session via the attend option.

Enhanced the RSVP functionality for in-person events by integrating an automatic payment trigger. Now, when a user RSVPs using the Attend button, their card on file can be automatically charged for the event ticket, eliminating the need for manual payment processing. This streamlines the registration process, ensuring efficiency and reducing administrative overhead.  

RSVP for Additional Guests

We also added the ability for members to RSVP for additional guests per event, even if the additional guests do not have profiles on the site. This update allows members to easily include guests in the event planning, enhancing the overall event experience. v2.0.3 05/07

Now Tracking Community in Basic Analytics

We've updated the analytics system to include community tracking for reliable data capture of posts, replies, and comments across the platform. This enhancement provides comprehensive insights into forum and feed activities, ensuring accurate and detailed analysis. v1.1.25 05/01



  • Enhanced user experience by implementing a prompt encouraging users to join a group when attempting to interact with its features without membership, ensuring clear guidance on participation requirements. v1.1.26 05/13

  • Improved navigation clarity by updating the Community Group editor page header to indicate the editing environment, aligning with the consistency and user expectations set by the Course Editor Catalog page. v1.1.26 05/13

  • Implemented a default icon image for community groups. This default image will appear when no custom icon is uploaded for a community group, ensuring a consistent and professional look across the admin panel. v1.1.26 05/13


  • Enhanced the Create/Search/Sort/Layout component by implementing consistent designs: text now maintains uniform font size and type, icons are standardized in size, search box functionality has been refined, and hover states for fields, dropdowns, and icons are more pronounced, ensuring a cohesive user experience. v2.0.3 05/07

  • Removed the Courses and Groups headers from the left nav for users who aren't enrolled. v2.0.3 05/07


  • Enhanced site branding capabilities by enabling administrators to efficiently manage and customize brand assets and theme settings, such as logos, favicons, fonts, and colors, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance across the platform. v2.0.3 05/07

  • Added ability to include internal and external Quick Links through Admin to the left side nav. v2.0.3 05/07



  • Updated the user interface to keep discussion/topic titles from overlapping with the pin button within the global forum and on group pages. This change makes the titles easier to read and improves usability. v2.0.3 05/07

  • Resolved minor issues, including deleting forum and feed posts and allowing external links in forum topics. v1.1.26 05/13

Library EVENTS

  • Admins can now upload resources to the library without interruptions, following a fix to the CORS policy error that previously hindered completion.v1.1.25 05/01

Notifications PLATFORM

  • The issue of notifications not being sent or received on either of the AACN websites has been resolved by updating an outdated vnow deployment. We will implement a process to verify that existing vnow versions are up to date to prevent further notification issues in the future. Notifications are now correctly sent and received via the platform or email based on user preferences. v1.1.26 05/13

Pagebuilder PLATFORM

  • Updated the directory module pagination to correctly adhere to the chosen filter options, ensuring that the displayed users accurately reflect the active filters. This enhancement improves usability and accuracy when navigating directory listings. v2.0.3 05/07


  • Platform-Wide Enhancements: Addressed multiple issues across the platform to improve functionality and user experience: v2.0.3 05/07

    • Brand Assets: Fixed issues with brand assets not displaying or functioning correctly. 

    • Theming Options: Resolved problems related to the application of theme settings. 

    • Profile Save: Corrected errors preventing users from saving profile changes. 

    • Logout Capability: Enhanced the reliability of the logout process. 

    • Tag Creation: Improved the process for creating new tags, ensuring smoother operation. 

    • Group Creation: Fixed the issue of creating groups for better user management. 

    • Library Pages: Fixed the functionality for creating and managing library pages. 

    • Emailer Settings: Fixed the setup process for emailer settings to display current configurations correctly. 

    • Importer Functionality: Fully integrated the importer with the platform to support efficient data integration.

  • Fixed an issue where Course and Global Forum notifications weren't routing correctly. v2.0.3 05/07

SCORM learning packages LEARNING

  • Identified browser settings as the root cause preventing access to SCORM courses on mobile browsers; resolved the issue without requiring a code update, ensuring uninterrupted course accessibility. v1.1.26 05/13

Sessions EVENTS

  • Fixed the issue where a random white bar appeared on the right of sent messages in the chat and Q&A panel, ensuring a cleaner and more consistent user interface. v2.0.3 05/07

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