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JUNO | April `24 Updates

Release date: April 2024

This page documents the latest updates for April 2024 to JUNO v2, our comprehensive platform designed to enhance user experience through improved back-end admin features and front-end usability integration. It also includes updates to our vNext platform. Each entry lists the updates along with their respective version numbers and release dates.


New profile features

Elevate your presence on the platform with intuitive navigation and the ability to customize your profile. Add and edit your banner and profile images, and enrich your profile with detailed personal and professional information to increase your visibility. v2.0.2 04/24


A view of the My Profile section from the end user.

Platform-wide search capabilities

Implemented a global search at the top of the navigation for quick access. v2.0.1 04/16


Highlighting the global search in the top navigation.

Revamped the groups' About pages

Enhanced the community group About pages by merging the About and Members tabs. Now, the landing page consistently opens on the About section as well, offering a more integrated user experience.. v2.0.1 04/16


The About page inside a group.


Backed work PLATFORM

  • Set up a vanity URL for a client. v2.0.0 04/04

  • DKIM setup for a client. v2.0.0 04/04

  • Set up a vanity URL for a client. v2.0.0 04/04

  • Vetted design for a feature enabling Higher Logic clients to incorporate child community groups within parent groups. v2.0.0 04/04


  • Enhanced administrative control by adding the ability for admins to delete Group and Global Forum topics and posts via an ellipsis menu on the top right, simplifying content management and moderation processes. Hybrid vNext v1.1.24. 4/23

  • For streamlined communication, you can now share links to topics, posts, comments, and replies in Global and Group discussions and feeds using the new share button at the bottom of each interaction. v2.0.2 04/24

  • Group admins now have enhanced moderation capabilities within their groups, allowing them to manage settings, members, files, the forum, and the feed without site admin access. These changes empower group admins to maintain their communities more effectively by editing the About page, moderating discussions, and controlling group visibility and membership. v2.0.2 04/24

  • Admins creating meetings within groups will now be redirected to the backend editor, which will provide enhanced access and setup options for managing sessions efficiently. v2.0.2 4/24


  • Improved mobile accessibility with adjustments for various screen sizes to ensure seamless interaction across devices. v2.0.1 04/16

  • Improved mobile experience with enhanced UX for search/sort and filter bar. v2.0.1 04/16

Sessions EVENTS

  • Connected user avatars to live session chat so that users can see the avatars of others while messaging. v2.0.2 4/24

PageBuilder PLATFORM

  • Library content was added as a content option for grids and rotator modules. v2.0.2 04/24

Notifications PLATFORM

  • Set up the notification’s preferences window UX. v2.0.0 04/04

Site admin PLATFORM

  • Added a Back to Pages button for ease of navigation when editing or creating pages. v2.0.1 04/16

  • Enhanced the Schedule module UX in Pages for a more intuitive management of session schedules. v2.0.1 04/16


Basic analytics PLATFORM

  • Resolved an issue where reports under Examine Your Data in the analytics section were stuck in a loading spinner when attempting to download, ensuring functionality across all user platforms. Hybrid vNext v1.1.24 and v2. 4/23

Continued education (CE) LEARNING

  • Addressed an issue where the Claim button was inaccessible on the front end due to missing Claimable dates for Education Credits, ensuring proper functionality aligns with release dates. Hybrid vNext v1.1.23 and v2. 4/22


  • Addressed an issue where no courses were displaying on any My Courses tabs, ensuring users can now see their enrolled, waitlisted, and started courses as expected. Hybrid vNext and v2. 04/15

  • Resolved the issue where the required enrollment requests toggle on courses failed to prevent users from enrolling on the front end as intended, ensuring learners are appropriately blocked from enrollment when necessary. Hybrid and v2. 04/15

Design & layout PLATFORM

  • Eliminated styling inconsistencies across the platform for a cohesive visual experience. v2.0.1 04/16

  • Standardized capitalization across the platform to maintain consistency. v2.0.1 04/16

Enrollments LEARNING

  • Resolved an issue where large course enrollment and waitlist sections lacked pagination, preventing the management of learner statuses. Pagination has now been implemented to support efficient navigation and updates. Hybrid vNext v1.1.23 and v2. 4/22

Lesson parts LEARNING

  • Resolved an issue where the lesson part upload module failed to close upon saving resources, ensuring seamless functionality and improved user experience. v2.0.0 04/04

Site admin PLATFORM

  • Addressed the text overlap issue in theme color settings to ensure clarity and user comfort. v2.0.1 04/16

  • Resolved access errors within the Site Admin - Pages section, restoring full functionality. v2.0.1 04/16

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