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JUNO v2 Release

Release date: April 1st, 2024

This release includes enhancements to JUNO v2, our all-in-one platform, elevating your user experience with seamless integration of back-end admin access and front-end user experience.


Introducing JUNO v2: Empowering Your Admin Experience. PLATFORM

We're thrilled to unveil JUNO's latest innovation: v2. With this release, we're putting the power in your hands like never before. Imagine navigating through every facet of your site's setup, integrating front-end functionality with robust back-end administration tools.


JUNO v2’s front and back-end interface.

JUNO v2 empowers administrators with unprecedented control, allowing you to shape and manage every aspect of your online presence. From fine-tuning navigation to fostering community engagement, orchestrating social interactions, curating LMS courses, orchestrating sessions, and establishing an internal network, it's all within your grasp.

With JUNO v2, the possibilities are limitless. Say hello to a new era of streamlined site management, where every task is intuitive, efficient, and tailored to your unique needs. Elevate your admin experience with JUNO v2 today.


Basic Analytics PLATFORM

  • Implemented the User Activity Report feature within the Analytics Dashboard, allowing users to filter events for specific users. Upon selecting the User Activity Exporter, users can choose their desired time frame, select users from the Autofill menu, and generate a report that accurately filters events for the selected users.

  • Implemented functionality to track user activity, including active users and logins.

  • Implemented tracking of streaming analytics in Timestream, enabling monitoring session views, attendances, un-attendances, joins, and leaves within the Analytics Dashboard's Event Activity section. Users can perform session actions and observe real-time updates reflected on the dashboard or generate reports for comprehensive analysis. Notably, leaves and un-attends are tracked exclusively through the User Activity Exporter due to the absence of dedicated graphs for these actions.

  • Implemented live analytics feature for JUNO v2, enabling tracking of active users across Live Sessions, Courses, Community Groups, and Libraries. This ensures accurate data representation in the Basic Analytics, Happening Now section.

  • Implemented browser-based viewing functionality for Admins to access and review transcripts and analytics reports directly within the Analytics Dashboard, eliminating the need for downloading. Admins can now preview reports in the browser, ensuring data accuracy before downloading while noting that resizing functionalities are limited compared to the downloaded version.

  • Implemented the User Activity Exporter to create and save reports for future use. Administrators can generate customized reports by specifying timeframes and activities and then mark them as favorites with designated labels. These favorited views are conveniently accessible from a dedicated section, facilitating easy retrieval and eliminating the need to recreate reports each time. Additionally, users can edit or delete custom views as needed, and the system retains and loads selected configurations upon revisiting the User Activity Exporter.


  • This update includes specifications and designs for the site's default layout, ensuring navigation and legibility on various screen sizes, including mobile devices, with features such as adaptable side navigation and responsive content stretching.

Backend work PLATFORM

  • Developed a single backend endpoint for the global search, facilitating comprehensive search capabilities across Page, CommunityGroup, Course, and User main text fields, including normalized results with id, title, subtitle, icon, slug, and type indicators, supporting pagination and filtering by content types. Enhanced search functionality includes case-insensitive exact match retrieval of content based on associated Tags.

  • Enhanced the Create/New/Upload – Search, Sort, View component site-wide, ensuring consistency across sections/pages and tabs, including rectangular search bars with rounded edges featuring white backgrounds and drop shadows, standardized 40px high create/new/upload buttons with centered text alignment, and consistent styling for stroke outlines, drop shadows, and rounded corners. Additionally, sorted and viewed options were aligned with the search bar and button.

  • Migrated the vNext importer/exporter into JUNO v2.


  • The Files tab has been renamed to Resources for consistency, and a new tree view feature has been added alongside the existing list and grid view. This feature facilitates advanced navigation of file structures, specifically tailored for higher logic clients.

  • Created a front-end group editor and made it available to group admins.

Component modules PLATFORM

  • Rotators now dynamically update to display content correctly, even with limited items. Single rotators show full-width images with titles below, while two rotators display side-by-side images with titles.

  • Admin can now integrate a schedule module into any page using the Pages section, customize module settings, and filter sessions based on criteria such as past, upcoming, and in-person sessions. They can also add and filter sessions by displaying labels.


  • Enhanced directory functionality includes pagination, user profile access via user tiles, display of shared groups, and pop-up options for creating 1:1 meetings. A saved section features pagination, a search bar, and sort options.

Direct MessagesCOMMUNITY

  • Implemented a visual separation line between read and unread messages in the chat window for improved user clarity.

Meetings EVENTS

  • Group admins can now create and manage interactive sessions, termed as Meetings, within their groups, allowing voluntary member attendance, complete with session creation, customization, and management features, ensuring collaboration and engagement.


  • Admin users can customize default pages displayed in the header and side navigation through the site settings, enhancing navigation control and user experience.

Sessions EVENTS

  • Attendees can now raise their hand during breakout sessions using the raise\_hand icon, adding an overlay on the user's video, which can be lowered solely by the user who initiated the hand raise.

  • Updated the chat and Q&A panels in sessions.


Lesson parts LEARNING

  • The Delete confirmation prompts for lesson parts have been updated to display a generic Are you sure you want to delete this Lesson Part? for each lesson part, ensuring clarity and accuracy in the deletion process. This has been fixed in both Learning JUNO and JUNO v2.

Component modulesPLATFORM

  • Fixed the issue where selecting courses from a rotator resulted in a 404 error, ensuring proper navigation.


  • Fixed an issue where the original profile's experience, education, skills, and interests were incorrectly displayed on subsequent pages until they were refreshed when navigating between profiles.

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