What to know

In this meeting, we get to know each other, get an overview of JUNO, and get started on our journey. The agenda includes:

  • Go over 7 E’s

  • Review implementation timeline

  • Briefly go over how JUNO works (Site configuration & content upload)

  • Go over the general run of show

  • Different session types that JUNO offers

  • Important exposure dates (When do we want to let users, staff, exhibitors on the platform?)

  • Set up recurring meeting times

Homework (Prepare before the meeting)

Client team

JUNO team

(star) Review JUNO's 7 E's
(star) Review Session types
(star) Determine a few dates the team is available for recurring weekly meetings

(star) Walk through the handoff form with Sales Representative
(star) Create implementation timeline for client

What to do during the meeting

Client team

JUNO team

(tick) Gives a simple overview of conference
(tick) Shares any internal deadlines and platform exposure (opening) dates

(tick) Leads Introductions and Icebreakers
(tick) Shares an E and explains JUNO’s values
(tick) Explains process through implementation timeline
(tick) Outlines purpose and details of next (4) meetings