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Manage users: Site admin dashboard

View, manage, and add users in the site admin dashboard.

(lightbulb) Before you begin

To go to the site admin dashboard, add /editsite/admin/analytics to the end of your site URL. For example, if your site is, go to

Manage users

Open the Representatives tab in the site admin dashboard. Select the Edit icon next to a user to open the editor. There, you can:

  • Turn on Has Admin Rights to make them a site admin.

  • Ban them.

  • View analytics or select Download History to download their activity.

  • View their profile.

Make sure to Save if you make any changes.

Invite users

  1. Select Invite member.

  2. Enter the person’s email address and select send.

Check the status of invited users

Select invite member. Under Previous Invites, emails are listed with their status. For example, the status might say Invite Sent, Link Clicked, or Invite Accepted.

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