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Optional session tags

Add these tags to a session to customize how it works. They aren’t required for the session to function.

Video player

Stop Snap To Live

Add to fully pre-recorded sessions. When an attendee joins late into a pre-recorded session, this tag makes them start from the beginning of the video, and they can rewind fast-forward. The video plays in a loop until the end of the session.

Without this tag, the session “snaps to live” by default. This means that attendees are placed into the session at X min/seconds into the video and watch as if it is live. They cannot rewind or fast forward, and the video doesn’t loop.

Prevent Auto Play

Prevents an attached video from starting automatically once a session begins. Use it so that the sound will start when the video starts. Due to browser restrictions, we cannot guarantee that videos autostart with sound.


Sessions default to the recommended layout. But you can add a tag to override the default.

Grid Layout

Use on Main Stage or Panel sessions to override the default, which is the horizontal speaker layout. The live session (including the attendee view) and the archived recording will both use grid layout.

Horizontal Speaker Layout

Use on Breakout sessions to override the default, which is the grid layout. The live session (including the attendee view) and the archived recording will both use horizontal speaker layout.

Live session content hint

These tags improve the quality and performance of the stream under special circumstances. Normally, when you stream your face, the video is optimized for details, like human faces. Then when you share your screen, the video is optimized for text, making it easier to read.

If your stream will be different from these expectations, add these tags to tell JUNO how it should optimize the stream. You can add one of each type per session (1 Video and 1 Screenshare).

Pick 1 tag for video streams:

Video Content Hint - Motion

Use when there is extra motion in the stream. For example, if you’re moving around on-camera.

Video Content Hint - Text

Use when streaming text, so that it’s clearer and easier to read.

If streaming standard content, like human faces, you don’t need to add a tag. Videos optimize for Detail by default unless you are sharing your screen.

Pick 1 tag for screen sharing:

Screenshare Content Hint - Detail

Use when details are important. Best for content such as human faces.

Screenshare Content Hint - Motion

Use when there is extra motion in the shared screen. For example, if you’re screen sharing a recorded video with lots of motion.

If screen sharing text, you don’t need to add a tag. The video optimizes for Text by default when you share your screen.

Removing features

Hide Attendees

Prevents you from clicking on the attendee list to see who is in the session. You can still see the number of attendees. This applies to live session pages, upcoming and past session pages, and the schedule.

The attendee counter can be removed completely, but it must be set up in the platform’s configurations, not with a tag.

Hide Live Session Start Time

Hides the start time for a specific session.

Hide Live Session Countdown Timer

Hides the countdown for a specific session.

Do Not Archive

Prevents a session from being recorded. The tag must be added before the session begins. Learn more about which sessions are recorded.

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