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Sponsorship opportunities

Suggestions for using JUNO’s features to meet your revenue goals.

Sponsored content captures interest and leads

  • Educational sessions: Presentations with vetted speakers from trusted brands in expert theatres, product showcases (as permitted)

  • Entertainment content: Feature a chef or expert of personal interest, relax everyone with puppy/kitten streams, play game shows or bingo, simu-live music

  • Breakout/networking rooms: Gather people for moderated discussions on professional or personal topics to deepen relationships

  • Notifications: Timed notifications with a link to an engagement suite or a brand’s content

  • Tangible items: Coordinate delivery of gifts or food to attendees’ address

  • Bumpers: Branded video snippets featured before or after content delivery

Attendee interactions advance leads

  • Survey/polls: Can be branded and placed in multiple places on the site

  • Focus groups/advisory panels: Brands can moderate and hear from their customers

  • One-on-one match-making: Discovered interest can push sponsors and attendees together

  • Social responsibility: Match donations, create opportunities for attendees to participate

Hosted buyer model solidifies relationships

  • Paid registration: For qualified attendees who keep appointments with sponsors

  • Freemium: Free registration with content unlocked by participating in sponsored content

Gamification creates desire

  • Sponsor prizes for participation in the event: Tracked via the leaderboard

  • Leaderboard: Brand the scoring page with a sponsor logo “Brought to you by…”

  • Scavenger click-hunt: Attendees must click on specific content to achieve points and win

Advertising meets awareness goals

  • Banner ads: Displayed throughout the experience

  • Welcome/splash screen ad: Big impact seen once by most attendees

  • Personalization: Target ads toward groups of attendees by interest, geography, more

  • Sponsored promo codes: Discounted registration or gift offered by brands to customers

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