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Stream tab: Session editor

Define the session type, stream type, and add pre-recorded video to a session.

(lightbulb) Before you begin

  • Remember to click Save Changes at the top of the page before leaving the tab or clicking View Page. Otherwise, you’ll lose your work.

Session Type

Select a session type. Learn more about JUNO’s session types.

Stream Type

Select the stream type that best fits the needs of the session.

Pre-Roll and Pre-Recorded Video

If the session isn’t fully live, add the recorded video. Learn more about Live and pre-recorded options.

Choose Pre-Roll Video if the recorded video will play before the live portion of the session. Or choose Pre-Recorded Video if the entire session is pre-recorded.

  1. Select the Video Type from the dropdown list.

  2. Enter the Video URL.

  3. Press play to make sure it plays with sound and is the correct video.

Max Attendees

Enter a number to limit how many attendees can join.

Who counts towards the limit?

  • Do count: Users added as Presenters do count towards the limit. So if you want the max number of attendees to be 20, but there is a moderator in the room, set the Value to 21.

  • Do NOT count: Site admins and users attached to a speaker page do not count towards the limit. This helps prevent the scenario where a speaker can’t get into a session that’s at max capacity, just because they didn't add the session to their schedule.

Pre-Recorded Video Behavior

Turn on Disable Snap To Live to let attendees fast forward or rewind a pre-recorded session. This is not an option for pre-rolls.  

Attendee Options

Turn on Hide Attendees to hide the attendee list on the session page.

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