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Using the importer

This guide walks you through the features and functionalities of the Das admin Importer tool, designed to streamline the process of importing and managing data for various content types. As an admin, you'll learn where to locate the importer, understand the importer's functionality, and ensure the quality of your imported data.

Locating the Importer

  • From the Das admin left-side navigation menu, locate and select the Import/Export section.

Locating the Importer/Exporter page in Das admin.

Using the Import tab

  1. Once on the Import Content page, use the drop-down under Choose a Data Bucket to select the type of content you want to upload.

  2. Drag and drop the CSV file or select the drop zone to use your file locator to upload.

Choosing content to upload into the Validation Wizard in the importer.

Missing required or unrecognized fields prompts

The Importer’s Validation Wizard notifies you of missing required fields or unrecognized columns in your CSV uploads. It guides you to edit and re-upload your CSV for successful import.

  • After uploading a CSV with unrecognized columns, a prompt warns you that there are columns that are not recognized and they will not be included in your import.

    • Additional instruction advises you that can discard your upload, fix your CSV and try again.

  • A similar prompt guides you to update your CSV if there are required columns missing.

    • When required fields are missing, the import will not upload the CSV, instead additional instructions advise you that you must update your CSV and try again.

  • Learn more about the specific columns, column headers, example column information and, column requirements.

Extra headers found, and Required header(s) missing prompts.

  1. If there are no errors in your uploaded CSV, the PUBLISH button will appear.

  2. Select PUBLISH to finalize the import whenever the button is available.

Publishing an import file.

Real-time validation and editing

When errors occur that are not missing required columns in your CSV upload, the Validation Wizard allows you to update them and clear the errors in real time, and a Validate button appears.

  1. Select the VALIDATE button to open the validation wizard.

The Discard and Validate buttons.

  • The Validation Wizard displays CSV rows with errors highlighted in red, enabling real-time adjustments.

  • Edit fields with errors in real-time and the red border and error status will disappear once entries become valid.

  • Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate between rows with errors.

  • A dropdown menu also allows you to navigate to and edit any CSV row within your upload.

Correcting errors within the Validation Wizard.

Additional functionality

Discarding and starting over

  1. Once a CSV is uploaded, the DISCARD button will appear.

  2. Select DISCARD to remove the uploaded CSV from the drop zone.

  3. The Validate/Publish buttons will no longer be displayed.

  4. Follow the provided directions to proceed with a new CSV upload.

The Discard and Validate buttons.

Deleting Rows

  1. For inline deletion, select rows and choose Delete Selection.

  2. In the Validation Wizard, use Delete Item to delete the current row.

  3. Use the Delete All Items With Errors button to remove all rows with errors.

  4. Confirm the deletion of all rows in a second prompt.

Deleting rows inline in the importer.

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