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v2.10.(60) Update

Release date: October 27th, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our virtual and live events platform.


Accessibility PLATFORM

  • Improved accessibility: Interactive buttons on the Social Feed now have clear state and function announcements for enhanced usability with screen readers.


Accessibility PLATFORM

  • Across the site, interactive buttons now provide clear announcements of their states, ensuring improved accessibility. For instance, on the profile dropdown of the Agenda page, the screen reader will announce specific states.

  • Screen readers such as Mac and Chrome announce button status on most interactive buttons - depending on the screen reader used.

  • Screen reader users will now experience improved navigation as the Tab key correctly focuses on interactive elements, enhancing the user experience for individuals relying on assistive technologies.

  • Resolved accessibility concerns encompassing session tabs, miniplayer functionality, emoji access, attend button selection on the schedule page, toggling between Global Feed and Cohort Feeds, pop-up focus, profile menu options, and exhibitor interactions, such as accessing the visit website button and social media links.

  • In this update, we've fixed navigation issues, providing clear visual indicators on Welcome, Login, Home, and Agenda pages, improving user experience site-wide.

Schedule EVENTS

  • The Exclusive icon not displaying on the schedule page has been fixed.

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