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Version 1.12

Release date: August 10, 2021

Please check with your JUNO team representative to confirm which new functionality applies to your site’s configuration.

New and updated functionality

Improvements to the user and admin experience.

Profile Quick View

  • Redesigned the Profile Quick View

  • It’s now configurable, so clients can customize which elements are shown in the Profile Quick View

An example Profile Quick View

Block User

  • Added the ability for a user to block another user from messaging them. This action also blocks the user from scheduling a meeting with that user.

  • Added the ability to manage your blocked users list to change a blocked user’s status (unblock)

  • Blocking prohibits a user from:

    • Scheduling a 1:1 meeting with you

    • Chatting with you

    • Seeing you as active on the platform 

Blocking another user from direct messages

Managing blocked users from your profile

Other features for attendees

  • Changed "Conversations" to "Messages" in the Messages window

  • Added the ability for users to filter other users by selected tag types

Live sessions

  • Added the ability to show selected user tags next to the user’s name in the Chat window

  • Added the ability to prevent answers to live session polls after they’ve ended

  • Updated UI layout icons to match the publishing controls on the left of the screen

  • Added the ability for moderators to see the custom stream during the green room if running


  • Added the ability to track banner ad clicks

  • Added Metric Strip Layout to Analytics page

  • Added date queries to the new Analytic metrics and related date range pickers

  • Partner downloads now tracked in Analytics


  • Enhancements to the ability to configure meeting name and abstracts

  • Added the ability to customize the text above the email and password fields on the profile page

Front end tools

  • Added new notification in the front end tools to to alert a user if something in their content appears on the banned words list

Upcoming functionality

  • Added initial groundwork for pagination of attendees in a live event


Squashed bugs and resolved issues.

Version 1.12 fixes
  • Tags selected on a partner page now saving appropriately

  • Corrected an issue with the Unique User report returning no results

  • Corrected a condition which could cause Wistia preroll videos to pause when navigating away from the session instead of continuing to run in the miniplayer

  • Corrected an issue causing Brightcove preroll videos to restart for moderators when refreshing the page or leaving and returning

  • Corrected an issue which caused a call notification to incorrectly ring again upon refresh after accepting the call

  • Removed decimal format from preroll countdown timer

  • Corrected an issue preventing a user from being brought into the private session after another user has accepted their call from the chat notification window

  • Styling adjustment to prevent incorrect zoom levels in the pinned/horizontal screen layout

  • Corrected an issue preventing a live session in a miniplayer from halting upon logout

  • Corrected an issue affecting live session messaging after a user with their hand raised exits and returns to the session

  • Corrected an issue requiring a user to accept a chat a second time before initiating the chat session

  • Corrected an issue preventing Poll questions from successfully posting to live session chat

  • Adjusted ‘Kick User’ functionality to ensure the session miniplayer closes for a user who has been kicked

  • Now preventing the miniplayer from launching when attempting to join a room from a separate tab with the same user account

  • Corrected an issue causing users leaving a session and returning from correctly seeing new session chats

  • Adjustment to Pinned/Horizontal view to prevent portions of the admin video from rendering outside of and below the live session frame

  • Corrected an issue with the Exit Full Screen UI button not functioning when in full screen

  • Corrected an issue affecting the chat popup when attempting to chat with a user you have previously left a conversation with

  • Adjusted full screen video to prevent video controls from being covered up by the chat panel

  • Corrected an issue allowing moderators to send room attendees to a separate breakout room again after already having done so

  • Adjusted front end tools to prevent Save Changes button from not functioning correctly after having adjusted a video’s start time

  • Corrected an issue which prevented live session chat panel from functioning correctly if a moderator enabled their camera while awaiting the session start time

  • Adjusted ‘session end’ functionality to ensure attendees are removed from the session after it has ended

  • Corrected an issue preventing the ‘Claim CME’ link from appearing as expected after completing a lesson

  • Removed the ability to expand the screen from the older ‘Show Controls’ menu

  • Corrected an issue allowing a track to be started when ‘Require completion of’ setting should prevent it

  • Corrected a condition which could result in users incorrectly getting pulled into a sub breakout room

  • Corrected an issue with the Share Screen icon not turning off when the screen share is disabled

  • Adjustments to screen positioning in the Best Fit layout

  • Adjustment to display the tag description instead of the tag name in exhibitor booths

  • Corrected an issue with Brightcove videos halting upon refresh and being unable to be started again

  • Corrected an issue causing Brightcove video controls to not appear in some cases

  • Dynamically adjusting Brightcove videos as the session chat pane is expanded and collapsed

  • Corrected an issue with site-wide analytics reports not respecting the date parameter

  • Corrected a condition which prevented the live session countdown timer from reverting to the ‘Live’ label when the session starts

  • Corrected an issue preventing live session polls from ending and being posted a second time

  • Adjustment to prevent live session ‘attendee joined’ messages from not appearing in the live session chat

  • Added logic to prevent timed courses from having timed out and ended before the user starts the course

  • Adjusted speaker rotator UI scroll buttons to not require a second click to scroll

  • Corrected a condition preventing the platform from loading in iOS 13 or lower

  • Adjusted miniplayer default placement on iOS devices

  • Removed redundant full screen UI button on iOS devices

  • Corrected an issue with polls in live sessions restarting for a user upon refresh or upon joining the session

  • Corrected an issue requiring moderators to refresh the live session page to see chat or poll responses

  • Made Juno passwords tokenized to prevent getting reset a second time if a duplicate reset email is ever sent

  • Ensuring the username of the caller is present in an incoming call notification

  • Corrected a condition which prevented the session from detaching to the miniplayer if clicking the static directory link in the comms panel when there are no messages

  • Set live session chat to wrap instead of overflow in certain conditions

  • Corrected an issue with notification badges improperly increasing upon page refresh

  • Corrected ‘Ask the Presenter’ button not functioning in live session chat

  • Corrected an issue with gamification points not being awarded for uploading a profile picture

  • Corrected an issue with inbound RTMP streams not functioning as expected

  • Corrected an issue with the resource rotator stopping after one cycle

  • Corrected an issue preventing a moderator’s camera from publishing after a preroll if the camera was turned on before or during the video

  • Corrected an issue with the front end tools Filter dialog not closing after clicking Apply

  • If an attendee has a lengthy tag attached to their name while in a session and they chat, it no longer breaks the chat panel

  • Filtering by session type will no longer show all sessions available

  • Corrected an issue causing YouTube Videos to automatically play in rotators

  • Corrected an issue in the front end tools that could cause a logout event when saving changes to a partner page

  • Corrected a condition causing an answer’s upvote to be removed if you refresh the page or leave the session

  • Corrected an issue which duplicated the ‘Change or Cancel’ button when scheduling a meeting

  • Corrected an issue preventing the Attendee menu from opening on the Session page

  • Corrected an issue with the user profile icon not showing on mobile devices

  • Additional adjustment to ensure URLs in partner page descriptions are clickable

  • Now preventing a new miniplayer from spawning when the user selects the “Leave room → Return to Home” UI option

  • Corrected an issue preventing a user joining the room from a mobile device from seeing the Audio and Video icons once joined

  • Adjusted the screen position of a moderator’s feed during the preroll

  • Preventing live session preview panel refreshing on execute after custom url session ends

  • Users joining a live session now subscribe to the chat channel regardless of any mitigating factors

  • Secondary tabnav component now pulling sessions correctly

  • Adjustment to prevent chat box text from carrying over when switching to a different conversation

  • Corrected an issue with the schedule widget pulling in private meetings it shouldn’t

  • Preventing incorrect tags from getting added to a session when saving stream type

  • Corrected an issue preventing users from successfully saving their profile in certain conditions

  • Corrected an issue with the Notifications screen rendering text incorrectly after having downloaded a certificate of completion

  • Adjustment to ensure users not logged in who are given a specific link will arrive at the correct destination after logging in

Version 1.9 patch fixes (included in version 1.12)
  • Secondary tabnavs pull sessions correctly

  • OAuth now resets passwords

  • Tags based on country

  • All Company Meetings tab hidden if not a member of any partner/exhibitor page

  • Federated auth improvements, added a config to handle varying case structure

  • Fix for User Designations

  • Fix for links not working in some partner pages again

  • Remove publish controls for moderators during preroll

  • Email password lang config

  • Save data in smaller chunks

  • Fix for User Designations

  • Fix for links not working in some partner pages again

  • Remove publish controls for moderators during preroll

  • Email password lang config

  • Save data in smaller chunks

  • Fix for the ‘Preroll Starting Soon’ screen rendering below the live session controls

  • Fix for attendees seeing moderator feed during the post-preroll countdown

  • Fix for schedule widget ‘Change or Cancel’ button not appearing for zero level users

  • Fix for Attendee count icon performance when large number of attendees are present

  • Adding videoJS player key to session content Meta

  • NAFEM SSO/logins

  • ACEP fix for generic user

  • Fix for zero user raise hand issue

  • Customer CE/CME API Endpoint Configuration for ACEP COVID

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