Release date: September 27, 2021

New and updated functionality

Improvements to the user and admin experience.

Private question submission

These two options can be turned on or off for individual sessions:

Moderate questions before making them public
With this option turned on, attendees can’t see submitted questions until moderators post them.
Documentation: Manage Q&A

  • Added an Allow Q&A Moderation toggle to the session front-end tools.

  • Added new Submitted and Posted sections in the Q&A tab to allow question moderation. Speakers, moderators, and 99 users can see both sections. Attendees can only see questions in the Posted section.

  • Consolidated moderator controls within new Submitted and Posted sections in the Q&A tab.

  • Added a new toast notification to alert attendees their question was submitted.

Allow attendees to ask anonymous questions
With this option turned on, attendees can ask a question without displaying their user information.

  • Added an Allow Anonymous questions toggle to the session front-end tools.

  • Added a checkbox to allow attendees to optionally designate a question as anonymous.

Session moderation

  • Added new confirmation modal for the Stop All workflow, so that moderators know what the action will do to speakers.

  • Now allowing a session to remain active beyond its scheduled time if a moderator is still streaming.

  • Anchored moderator breakout control buttons so they no longer scroll up with the page or block session chat.

  • HIDE_MODERATOR_BUTTON_AFTER_BREAKOUT config now set to false by default on new sites.

Session video services

  • Added a check for broadcast list when creating or getting a broadcast. This ensures that users are able to automatically reconnect to the stream if the broadcast stops and then starts again, rather than having to refresh.

  • Added option to use integrated AWS Interactive Video Service Player for streaming.

Session archive

  • Added the ability to download a session archive independently from a separate tab, rather than overwriting the current page.

Hybrid events

  • Added In-Person Only sessions to the schedule page and the external schedule widget. These sessions have no video stream, but people at the in-person event can attend.


  • Activity Log report will now include all user tags, along with the tag type name.

  • Added the ability to view course participation and completion analytics at the program level. This lets you track progress across multiple courses at once.


  • Created the ability to call a customer CE/CME endpoint when awarding CE.

  • Added the ability to configure the CME Claim action to direct to an external endpoint.

Other configurations

  • Added the ability to link to an external site from the sub navigation bar.

  • Added the ability to change the leaderboard title text: Leaderboard

  • Added the ability to change the text of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy acceptance: I agree to the Terms Of Service and the Privacy Policy.



Squashed bugs and resolved issues.

Version 1.14 fixes


  • Adjustment to prevent avatar Images from being tiled in messaging.

  • Corrected an issue with the header icon message counter showing 4 messages for some users when there are none.

  • Corrected a condition allowing long usernames to break outside of the chat banner.

Personal profile

  • Removed the ability to see a user’s profile picture and full profile page from a comment they’ve posted anonymously.

  • Made adjustment to prevent the % symbol from being used in a username.

  • Corrected an issue preventing exhibitor sharing preference tags from being attached upon new user creation.


  • Corrected an issue causing emoji options to persist in a live session after the tag to allow them is removed.

  • Corrected a condition causing full-screen mode to remain active after returning to the home page.

  • Can now pause a Wistia pre-roll in mini-player mode.

  • Corrected a condition resulting in the mini-player having no audio when spawned for a Vimeo or YouTube video.

  • Adjust padding/height issues on several mobile devices to prevent live session chat Send button from being hidden.

  • Corrected an issue causing page load times to increase when sending many users to breakout sessions.

  • Corrected an issue causing an empty session archive to be generated upon screen refresh.


  • Corrected an issue with members sometimes showing as available for Talk Now after logging out.

  • Corrected an issue resulting in a partner’s username displaying as ‘Undefined’ when scheduling a meeting.

  • Corrected an issue causing Vimeo videos in a rotator to autoplay on page load.

Front-end tools

  • Removed ‘Partners’ tab from the Track front end tools.

  • Corrected an issue with the front end tools ‘Save Changes’ button no longer functioning after attempting to save banned words in some fields.


  • Adjustment to ensure user search functionality within the directory listing can be filtered by tag type.


  • Adjusted the positioning of the Play button on mobile devices for Brightcove videos.