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Version 2.4

Release date: June 30, 2022


Upload videos through the JUNO editor

For on-demand content pages and partner page rotators, you can now upload MP4 videos directly to the front-end editor. Uploaded videos are automatically hosted with JUNO through Amazon IVS. You can still use other hosting options like Youtube or Vimeo.

To add a video, choose the Video Upload MP4 option. It might take time to upload. While you wait, you can leave the editing page, but you cannot leave the site. When the upload is complete, you get a pop-up notification and the editing tool auto-saves the new video.

Uploading a video to an on-demand content page.

New configuration options

Admin notification emails for imported users

When users are added as an admin for a content page through a user-to-content import, they can now get an email notification with a direct link to the editing tool.

You can turn this notification on or off. Note that turning this option off only affects people added through import. Users added through the front-end editor will still get email notifications.

An example notification email about editing privileges.

You can create your own email template. Or, the default email text is:

You have been added as an Admin
You have been added as an Admin to the [PAGE NAME] page. This means you have editing privileges for this page. To edit the [PAGE NAME] page, please visit [URL].


Version 2.4 fixes

Access levels

  • Corrected an issue with the login pop-up appearing instead of the access level pop-up. This occurred when a user was logged in and clicked on a piece of content that was locked.

Front-end editor

  • Corrected an issue with metadata duplicating when changing a value in the front-end editor.

  • Corrected an issue in the front-end editor with changes to the Stream tab not being saved.


  • Corrected an issue using the browser Back button from a partner page loading a blank page.

  • Corrected an issue causing the comments box in the feed to close as soon as it had focus.


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