What to know

The goal of this meeting is to get a formal sign-off of the site before allowing attendees to join.

The Yellow Brick Road process is how the JUNO and Client teams make sure the site looks and performs up to expectations. This meeting is one part of that process. The JUNO team shares their screen while clicking through every navigation button on-site to confirm:

  • Site structure

  • Module selection

  • How each module is pulling content

  • The schedule is in the correct order

  • Make sure video IDs are on the correct sessions

  • Anything else on the Confluence checklist

Homework (Prepare before the meeting)

Client team

JUNO team

(star) Review site and make a list of any last minute changes
(star) Prepare a list of outstanding questions on functionality

(star) Review site and makes any changes to tidy things up
(star) Prepare list of outstanding questions on content

What to do during the meeting

Client team

JUNO team

(tick) Share screen and walk through each page on the site, making notes of changes

(tick) Take notes on changes

What to do after the meeting

Client team

JUNO team

(tick) Implement changes, according to the due dates on the implementation timeline