(lightbulb) Before you begin

  • Set your availability in your personal profile.

  • You need to be added to your exhibitor suite as a team representative before visitors can connect with you. Exhibitor admins can add representatives in the suite editor.

There are multiple ways for visitors to contact you in your suite. Find out how they work and which controls you have.

Two representatives are listed under a heading that reads Talk with our team. They both show a photo and first name. They both show a Schedule button, but only one of them has a Talk now button.

Representatives in the exhibitor suite

When visitors click the Talk Now button

The Talk Now button shows up under your name when you:

  • Are logged in and are anywhere on the site (except in a session).

  • Have no other sessions or meetings on your schedule during that time.

  • Turn off Do Not Disturb in the exhibitor suite editor.

You can’t see your own button, but other people can. We recommend testing it with other representatives from your team to confirm it’s set up.

When a visitor clicks Talk now:

  1. An alert appears at the bottom of your screen with the caller's name and photo. There’s a ringing sound like a phone call.

  2. If you miss the call or decline it by clicking the X icon, the caller is told you’re busy and to try again later. Note that we don’t currently log missed calls.

  3. To accept the call, click the Phone icon. You and the caller automatically enter a private breakout room on the site.

  4. Turn on your Camera and MicrophoneShare your screen, or send messages in Chat.

A call alert from a visitor is highlighted at the bottom of the site. There are two button options to decline or answer the call.

A call alert

Two people in a private breakout room. There are video and audio controls on the bottom. A box for text chat is on the right.

A private breakout room

When visitors click the Schedule button

The Schedule button always shows up under your name unless you turn on Do Not Disturb in the Representatives tab.

You can’t see your own button, but other people can. We recommend testing it with other representatives from your team to confirm it’s set up.

When a visitor clicks Schedule:

  1. They select a time from your calendar. They can only select times you set as available. We also prevent double-booking by blocking your calendar when you schedule sessions or meetings.

  2. You get a notification by email and directly on the site. Click the Bell icon in the site navigation bar to see notifications.

  3. To view meeting details, click the meeting notification on the site. Or in the email, click View meeting.

  4. Click Attend at the top of the page to accept the request. This adds the meeting to your schedule.

Recording of going to a notification on the site and accepting the meeting invitation.

Accepting a meeting invitation

The email notification lists the date and time of the meeting. A the bottom, a link to View Meeting takes you to the meeting details page.

Email notification for a meeting invitation

About the “Connect with us” section

This section has contact buttons that connect to multiple representatives from your team.

When a visitor clicks the Schedule button, an email notification is sent to every representative with admin rights. Any of them can accept the request and invite others.

When a visitor clicks the Talk Now button, it calls the first available representative.

Invite others to a meeting

Once a meeting is set up, you can invite more people.

If you’re already in the meeting:

  1. Copy the URL of the breakout room you’re in.

  2. Send the link to the person you want to invite. You can do this by email or a Direct message on the site.

  3. To enter the meeting, they need to be registered and logged on to the site.

An arrow points to the URL of the page at the top of an internet browser window.

If the meeting is scheduled for the future:

  1. Go to your Schedule in the navigation bar. Click the meeting to go to the meeting details page.

  2. Click Invite others.

  3. Type someone’s name in the Search bar.

  4. Click the circle next to their name to invite them. A Checkmark appears.

  5. Search for and invite more people. The total number of people you add appears in a counter. For example, Invite + 2.

  6. Click Invite.

  7. Everyone you invite gets a notification by email and directly on the site. They need to click Attend to accept it and add the meeting to their schedule.

  8. When they accept, they’re added to the list of attendees on the meeting details page. If they decline, you’re notified.

In a list of people, those who are being added to the invite list are selected with a check mark next to their name.

Cancel a scheduled meeting

  1. Go to your Schedule in the navigation bar.

  2. Deselect the Attending button on the meeting you want to remove.

  3. If the meeting only includes two people, this cancels the meeting for everyone. The other person gets an email notification that it’s canceled.

A before an after of the Attending button when it's deselected on a scheduled meeting.